Massage Aftercare & Preparation

T O   P R E P A R E

  • Start to wind down mentally before you come. You may come to us from a busy day, so try to arrive 10 minutes early to relax with our signature spa tea. Designed to help you relax and warm your body gently, you will get much greater benefits if you’re on time and can calm your mind before you lie down.

  • Bring a loose, comfy change of clothing. It’s nice to leave in something soft and flexible. If it’s cold, bring a warm jumper to keep muscles warm.

  • Turn off your phone. Let the world wait.

  • Try having less coffee, tea and sugar that day. Let your body wind down.

A F T E R   Y O U R  M A S S A G E

  • Stay warm. Cold muscles are sore muscles.

  • Drink lots of water to help remove the lactic acid that was making your muscles sore.

  • Have an early night. It won’t kill you, and your body will feel great tomorrow.

  • Book another one now, before your schedule goes wild again.

H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S  F O R   A  S T R E S S - F R E E   H A P P Y   B O D Y

  • Plenty of water, light sun exposure, fresh fruit and veges daily, and eating every 3 hours. Keep your health commitments simple and you’re more likely to achieve them.

  • Snack reguarly on things like avocado, almonds, fruit, vege sticks.

  • Sleep before 11pm to keep your cortisol levels down. Wait longer, and you may suffer insomnia as a hormone flux wakes you up again. Cortisol will also make you puffy and swollen, retaining fluid and increasing stress. You won’t manage your stress as well.

  • Say no to things you don’t want to do. Saying no is a great skill for a happy life. You can always say yes later.

  • Don’t get tied up in special diets or weight loss plans. Most of them are nonsense and are a great way to feel really bad about your body.

  • Say nice things to your body. It’s the only home you have so be careful what you say to yourself.

  • Stretch! Get down on the floor and do what feels natural, gently, regularly, taking time to feel what feels right.

  • If you’re at a desk, stand up and walk around for 5 minutes every hour to keep your circulation going.

  • Wear good shoes, with a slight rise in the heel. Heels are terrible for bodies, dead flats are nearly as bad.

G O O D   P O S T U R E

Drop your knees, scoop up your pelvis, zip up your tummy, shoulders back and down.  Pull your head in and loosen up.    Most of our clients pain comes from ‘standing up straight’ with knees locked back, throwing the entire spine out of alignment. 

Medical experts and Spinal surgeons advise avoiding any treatment or practitioner that ‘cracks’ your back on purpose.  If you see any other kind of practitioner who does this, please advise us as we may be unable to safely massage you in case your spine has been de-stabilised by these treatments. 

Advise your therapist of any changes to medicines, health condition, herbal supplements, skincare used or side effects from your last treatment.  It is your responsibility to give full disclosure so your treatment is safe and effective.