Your Hands Say More Than Just Beauty

Since the dawn of time, the hand provides a status of beauty for women. The tenderness, shape, length or the fingers, and the cleanliness of nails tells how a woman carries herself. Your overall beauty is defined by the dainty and healthy look of your hands and nails. 


File & Polish

Choose from our range of lush no-tox polishes for your fingers or toes.  We use Vinylux by CND, a modern high-tech polish formulation that gets harder with exposure to natural light, making it hard wearing and glossy for up to a week.  

15 min $35


Ideal when you need to slip your boots on or carry on typing right away, Shellac is a polish cured instantly hard using LED light.  It lasts up to 2 weeks and needs to be removed using a soak-off performed in-spa.   

30 min $60  |  removal is included if having a fresh set applied  |  removal if you had it applied elsewhere may incur an extra fee as we often find non-genuine shellac has been used which has acrylic additive in it and is therefore much harder to take off.

Resort Manicure

A delicious manicure to soften your hands and improve the health of your natural nails.  

Soak your fingers in coconut milk bath, softening the cuticles with enzymes and sugar rub.  A guava butter massage replenishes dry skin, and purely ladylike fingers are revealed with detailed cuticle work and nail shape.  Finished with your choice of high-shine buff, clear polish or colour from our CND Vinylux no-tox polish range.  

40 min $75  

The Peelicure

A lush organic pedicure ritual from Pure Fiji Spa.  Slip your feet into a warm footbath of coconut milk soak.  Feet are scrubbed clean with handfuls of cane sugar, tropical sikeci and dilo nut oils.  Soles are treated to a fruit acid peel and rasping sponge to smooth away hard skin.  A detailed pedicure of cuticle work, nail shaping and buffing becomes a luxurious experience with a guava butter mask massaged in with smooth hot basalt stones.  Completed with a colour of your choice from CND Vinylux no-tox polish.   

60 min $125  | add shellac $20

Blissed Out Feet Treat

Scrub away the world and soothe your soul with a hot stone foot massage and moisture wrap.  Ideal when you don' need a pedicure but your feet are dry, hot and tired.  The perfect ending to a days shopping.

30 min $75