Have the application form they filled out in front of you.
Make sure it’s a quiet time, no disruptions. You should not be currently allocated to front desk or any spa duties when you make this call.

”Hi Sarah. This is Natasha Bloomfield calling from Natashas Skin Spa on Southbank. You recently applied for a position here as a Skin, Laser & Beauty Therapist. Is now a good time to speak?”

Name *
Beautiful. During our interview, we will discuss the position and each of our goals. If we think you are suited to our team vibe, I will ask you to perform a trade test. This will involve a skin cleanse and skin analysis, recommendation of treatments and skincare ingredients to address what you see. I may ask you to do a few small things such as a 10 minute facial massage, a fitzpatrick skin type assessment, and I will ask you to read a card on a skincare product and then role-play selling that product to me. Please come for your interview dressed as if for work. In our clinic this means flat, closed toe, black shoes. Black dress trousers. You may wear any top that is comfortable for you and allows you to perform a facial. Nails must be short and hair tied back. We will spend up to an hour and a half together. Is this okay for you? Do you know where to find us?

In-person Interview

Name *
Welcome to Natashas Skin Spa. I am Natasha, nice to meet you. Please come in, we are going to be speaking in this room today. Please take a seat. Can I offer you herbal tea?
You need to determine if the candidate was driving or travelling by public transport. We need to know how close she lives but we are not allowed to ask. Candidates who do not live very close are not to be employed. It always ends up being a problem for them to work late.
If they haven't made sure they can be here for 1.5 hours as requested, stop the interview now. They are not serious.
Good = own my own clinic, become a manager, be a great skin therapist, learn everything I can. Not good for us = become a personal trainer, go overseas for a few years, study nutrition or some other field instead of skin and beauty
Do they express passion about something? Does it shine? Is it infectious? Believable?
It can be blogger, friend, political, anything
This could be qualifications, awards, skincare school, or a client you really helped.
We are looking for staff who are fit, healthy and preferably attend gym, sport or fitness classes.
We are allowed to ask this because it is highly relevant to providing close-contact services such as facials.
We don't need to know your instagram. We want to know how digitally native you are.
We don't need to know your Snapchat. We want to know how digitally native you are.
The minimum requirement is that staff are available 3 evenings and Saturday. They will typically work 2 evenings but must be available for 3 if required. Staff may have a maximum of 4 Saturdays off each year including their annual leave.
Look out for answers such as not liking to do it on days off, wanting to be paid to attend etc. Even though we DO pay to attend, we want to know that they would have gone anyway out of a duty of professional development and passion.
I hire therapists who have a high level of commitment to the industry and who love skin and beauty. My standards of care and knowledge are very high, and I expect therapists to bring their A game to every shift. I'm looking for therapists who can do evenings and Saturdays building their clientele to 30 plus hours a week very quickly. Rates of pay are: Casual Level 1 Weekday $25.10 Saturday 26.71 Casual Level 6 Weekday $28.91 Saturday $30.76 Full time Level 6 Weekday $23.13 Saturday $30.76 I'm happy to put people on full time once they demonstrate an ability to consistently bring in 5 times their wages per hour worked. For a Level 6 qualified therapist, this amount is $5724.51 per 38 hours worked or $150 per hour or $1205 per 8 hour shift Once this is achieved for 3 consecutive months, we will put you on Full Time and pay you bonuses on top of your wages. Bonuses may be varied and do not form part of your contract. An example of the bonuses paid is Sell products & perform treatments to the value of: $120 per hour - bonus $2.60 per hour worked $130 per hour - bonus $3.42 per hour worked $140 per hour - bonus $3.94 per hour worked $150 per hour - bonus $4.60 per hour worked $160 per hour - bonus $5.00 per hour worked $175 per hour - bonus $6.00 per hour worked $200 per hour - bonus $8 per hour worked All bonuses are only paid when the Forward Booking Rate is a minimum of 70%. This ensures we don't have therapists over-selling and pushing things onto clients to get a good sale on the day, at the cost of actually losing the client completely.
Perform a Skin Consultation & Analysis
Facial with exfoliation, massage, mask
Create a treatment plan and sell it
Create a skincare plan & sell it
Chemical peel - acids like lactic or glycolic
Salicylic Peel
Retinol Peel
Give Peel aftercare advice
Photo rejuvenation IPL for pigment
Photo rejuvenation IPL for blood vessels
Manage side effects of Photo Rejuvenation
Give Photo Rejuvenation Aftercare advice
RF Skin Tightening
Skin Needling for Face
Skin Needling for Body
Skin Needling for Scalp
Give Skin Needling Aftercare Advice & manage side effects
Body Contouring
Give Body Contouring advice & manage side effects
Spray Tan
Give Spray Tan Aftercare advice
Body Massage
Give Massage aftercare advice
Brow consultation & measuring
Brow shaping
Lash tint
Lash Lift
Give Waxing Aftercare Advice
Manage Side Effects of Waxing
Body Exfoliation
Give Body Exfoliation Aftercare Advice
Makeup Application
Makeup Lesson
Bridal Makeup
Lash Extensions
Give Lash Extension Aftercare Advice