Lip lines are the result of moving your mouth many times in the same way. 
Like a paper folded many times, it eventually simply snapped at the fold point, and that it is the line you see.  
Whether from speaking, kissing, pouting or smoking, the lines you have were earned.  

However you may not love them, and we are here to help with that. 

The aim of treatment is to break down any hard, snapped collagen fibres, then stimulate production of new, flexible, hydrated ones. 

A pen filled with micro-needles goes into the skin quickly and painlessly, to a very shallow 1mm.  Breaking up any old, rigid fibres, it allows skin to smooth a little.  The controlled trauma it creates sets off a release of nutrients and begins a healing process which overtakes and exceeds the necessary - leading to a revitalised skin with firmer, more flexible fibres.  

Trinity Facial
Combining 3 technologies to address 3 layers of skin aging: Sublime to tighten, firm and plump the skin; Sublative to break down and release the tensions of lines; Laser to create brand new collagen firming fibre.  Trinity has a week of looking not-so-glam, so plan it when you have a few days off, then arm yourself with our camouflage foundation for the rest of the week.  
It's madness to do it only on the upper lip, as the results are so good, so we only offer Trinity for the entire face.