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R.E.R. Eye Serum by DP Dermaceuticals

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R.E.R. means Rapid Eye Restore, and who doesn't want that?

An innovative, airless roller ball dispenser to smooth away puffiness in the eye area, while dosing the aging eye area with firming, tightening active ingredients. 

The gentle massage of the roller ball gently stimulates and cools the eye area.  

A powerful eye serum combining rejuvenation properties with antioxidants, featuring an intense infusion of Vitamin A - retinaldehyde, proactively working to improve cell-to-cell communication, new cell creation, and ultimately new firming fibre creation built from those cells. 

Encapsulated in Hylafuse, a special type of hydration active found naturally in your skin and perfected in the lab, to deliver Retinaldehye and botanical Bakuchiol.  

The delivery system is both Hylafuse & Calphasomes, allowing even the most sensitive skin around the eyes to accept the anti-aging, firming benefits. 

Perfect for wrinkles, puffiness, sun damage and suitable for all skin types. 

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