Hydration in your skin has very little to do with water.  In fact, it has to do with your ability to bind water.  Healthy skin has plenty of an acid that holds water to itself.  A single molecule of this acid can bind up to a thousand molecules of water to itself.  
So you can imagine how losing even a single acid molecule contributes to dehydration. 
Part of aging is losing those hydration acids. 

To rehydrate your skin, we need to work on the production of these acids so your skin can experience lasting moisture.   Our treatments will stimulate new hydration acid production.  Our home care will continue this daily stimulation and meantime, will replenish your stocks like-for-like so you don't have to wait as long for results.  

Oxygen Enzyme Peel
Creates more free water in the skin and triggers the production of the hydration acids which bind water in skins depths. 
Your skin will be fresher from the first session, but repeating it over time will lead to greater overall hydration. 
40 min $148

Power of 3 Facial
Working every layer of skin and every type of hydration, we mix oxygen peel plus infusing moisture mask and a gem light to trigger formation of hydrators in the deep layers. 
A truly beautiful way to achieve hydration as you rest.  The ideal ongoing facial for skin hydration. 
60 min $230

Ruby Ray Gemlight
A course of Gemlights will stimulate skin depths to make lasting hydrators while also forming new firming fibres. 
Performed in series, skin will be radiant and health with absolutely no downtime.  Ideal when you also want to address fine lines & wrinkles, discolouration and firmness. 
Gem light is performed 6-10 times, one every few days.  
20 min $99

If you have the dual concerns of hydration plus volume loss or sagging, sublime will lift it up, tighten it, trigger more hydration in the depths and give an overall rejuvenation. 
We suggest 3-5 Sublimes in a course, though many of our clients choose to do them periodically alternated with other types of treatment. 
60 min $599

Recommended Skincare
Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Hyla Active Serum, Pure Age Defiance Serum, B3 Serum, Potent Clearing Serum, EGF Booster Serum, Recovery Cream, Rebalancing Cream, Immortal Cream, Jane Iredale Pommist, Jane Iredale D20 Spray, Mineral Pro SPF30+, Lonvitalite Silk Sheet mask, Vitality Mask