Acne is a condition that affects thousands of Melbournians.  It is not just a cosmetic issue, it's a serious skin concern that causes pain, emotional distress and scarring. 
Your acne journey is as much a personal commitment to your own health as it is a desire to look good.  We understand this and offer effective treatments based on evidence and results.  

The following treatments are suitable for the active pustular stage of acne when you still have breakouts.  Once this stage is completed, we move to the Acne Scarring section of our menu.  

Oxygen Enzyme Dermal Plan Peel $148
In the beginning of your acne journey it is best to start by restoring the acidity of the skin, so it can fight it's own battles against bacteria. 
Oxygen Enzyme will not only bring skin to an optimal pH level (acidity), it gets skin to cleanse itself from within using your own natural blood flow.  
During the treatment blood will increase to the skin surface, before retreating back to a calm, clear colour by the time you leave the clinic.  As the blood retreats, it takes with it wastes which are accruing in the skin as a side effect of the constant battle against acne bacteria. 
There is no downtime with Oxygen Enzyme and skin is left hydrated, calm and radiant.  It is suitable for clients who have neither prepped their skin with our skincare, and who may not have had a treatment before.  
45 min  $148

Alpha Beta Dermal Plan Peel $198
Once your skin is acclimatised to clinical skincare, it can tolerate more intensive revision.  Alpha Beta is a combination of 2 ingredient groups proven to help acne quickly.
Alpha Hydroxy acids remove the buildup of excess dead skin which all acne sufferers have, and increases free water in the skin. 
Beta Hydroxy acids remove thick oil deposits, unblocking pores.  Beta is highly anti-inflammatory, calming and cooling.  
The skin may flake slightly after several days.  Before having this treatment you need to be using Beta Hydroxy acid in your home skincare for a minimum of 2 weeks to acclimatise the skin and ensure an effective, safe result.   Most clients will have Alpha Beta at some point in their acne journey.  It is a fast clearance for blackheads and each treatment shows a significant improvement in the acne condition. 
30 min $198

Dermapen $299
Dermapen is the most popular and gold standard session for acne at Natashas.  We apply a pen filled with micro-needles to the skin, opening up channels into the congested tissue.  This allows oxygen from the air to penetrate, something acne bacteria cannot tolerate, and they will die.  At the same time Dermapen revises scarring, improves several skin immune functions and improves the skins texture, firmness and colour. 
It is suitable for all clients whether they are new to treatments or not.  Skin must be prepared with nutritive skincare for at least 1 week prior, and prescribed skincare only may be used for 4 weeks following treatment, since the treatment creates micro-channels, applying regular skincare can be problematic as those formulations are not designed to end up that deep.    Dermapen is Natashas Skin Spa's most popular treatment with a huge following.  It may be combined with oxygen peel in one appointment for even better results. 
45 min $299 |  with oxygen enzyme peel in one appointment $349

Dermapen & Peel $349
The combination of Dermapen followed by a peel in the same session.  

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