When age diminishes the structural collagen in the skin, your eyelids will appear to expand in size and start to droop. 
This can make you look older than you feel, and is a common concern of our clients. 

The remedy is to first tighten the existing collagen fibres, then trigger the production of more, new collagen to regenerate the area. 

The only treatment possible which can go all the way over the eyelid, down to the lash line and revitalise every part of the eyelid without surgery. 
Dermapen uses a pen filled with micro-needles. It auto-injects to a very shallow depth of 0.25mm as we glide it over the eye skin.  This breaks up old collagen which might be damaged or broken down, putting skin into a healing mode that ultimately revitalises collagen back to a stronger, tighter version. 
One treatment is enough to convince you of the benefits, with a series or 6-12 needed to see real change.   Dermapen may be performed before Sublative RF for even better results. 

Sublative RF
Through pinpoint entries, the skin receives radio energy which contracts and shortens the slackened collagen to give it a lift.  Dermapen goes in and out, making a column shaped entry.  Sublative is different, going in and spreading under the skin for a more comprehensive revival.  However Sublative cannot be used over the part of the lid which sits over the eye.  We lift the brow to raise the upper eyelid and safely treat that way.  Skin is pulled to the side of the eye to get the crows feet up to as close to the eye as possible.  We also treat 1-2 inches above the brow bone to help support the skin in that area. 
 Immediately you'll see some mild tightening, with the full result seen after a month as your new collagen takes time to mature and cement.  
Skin will show pinpoint red marks every 2mm in a hash formation.  These turn to tiny scabs within 3-4 days and resolve within 7 days.  You won't want to be photographed for a week.  Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base may be worn to cover the marks.  Support skin with your prescribed antioxidants, eye cream & SPF. 

Sublime RF Skin Tightening
Sublime leaves no entry marks, sending RF energy under the skin and tightening the collagen then increasing it's volume for lifted, tighter eyes.  
In our ideal world, combine it wiht Sublative to see the most stunning eye area makeover.  However if you want a no-downtime, no-marks treatment Sublime on it's own is stunning.   Skin will be mildly pink in the treated area only for a few hours.