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Triple Threat Peel by Emergin C NY

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An intensive active peel to help rapidly renew complexion.

Natasha recommends this for guests who are using a full skincare routine including cleanser, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen, and who are ready to perform a series of peels on themselves at home.

This peel will remove dead, built up layers and clean the way for penetration of your daily skincare. It is the very same peel quality used in our spa.

It’s an ideal way to free up your skincare spend for better things: after all, why not do your peels at home, then come to us for more advanced tech sessions such as Dermapen, Sublime and Sublative?

HOW TO USE: cleanse your skin well, twice. Dry your skin. Dispense the peel into the lid. Using the tiny brush provided, apply a single thin layer all over your forehead, avoiding anywhere you have had waxed, threaded, lasered or injected in the past week.
Apply over your nose, avoiding any cracked areas in the corners.
Apply over your cheeks right up to the bone around your eye, without going into the circle of the eye area itself.
Apply to your jawline and chin, taking it to the edge of the biplane.
Apply to your décolletage but remember you’ll need to protect the area from UV after this, so only do it there if you are committed to putting your SPF there daily!

Necks can be peeled only every 3-4 weeks, because they are thinner and don’t recover as quickly. If you peel your neck, beware not to apply perfume for at least 2 weeks. It can burn you or cause photo sensitivity after peeling.

This bottle contains enough peel for at least 20 professional quality treatments at home.

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