Cosmetic Injectables price guide

Cosmetic medicine is the art of relaxing lines, filling lips and reshaping faces.
Cosmetic injectables at Natashas are provided by Nurse Jess. 

Consultation $25 for first time clients.
This covers the cost of a doctors consultation & a prescription if needed, for the injectables you will have, lasting for 12 months before another prescription is needed again.   
Consultation fees reflect the time taken by Nurse Jess to assess, consult and advise you on the best plan for you, and the same care given by a prescribing doctor.  

Xeomin $18 per unit

Dysport $6 per unit

Lip filler $500 per 1 ml

Cheek filler $600 per 1 ml

Examples of typical prices, though it is different for everyone and this is a guide only:

Elevens lines between brows $180
Crows feet $180
Forehead lines $300

Notes on how Nurse Jess works with injectables: 
No more than 1 ml will be injected into any persons lips in one appointment.  
Safety is key. 
Nurse Jess will inject what is safe and no more.  Conservative treatment is key to our safety ethos.  This is not the clinic to come to if you seek overly-filled, extreme lips.
Natural, gorgeous lips and faces are what we do, within the realms of safety.