Recovering your skin after Covid

Recovering your skin after Covid

Had Covid?  Your skin will have suffered as much as your mind.  Bringing it back to pre-Covid radiance is possible, with a little skin know-how. 

First of all, what has the skin been through? 
During sickness of any kind the body has to resources to fight off the virus.  
You have been through a period of time of increased demands on your nutrition and healing. 

Your skin has probably been hot, during fevers, and the pH balance has been on a roller coaster ride of sweats (acidic), excretion of wastes (normal skin function!), and lack of normal skincare.  Because let’s face it, who applied their 2 morning serums when they had that first few days of fever?  

So what is your skin like now? 
It would be normal for you to be noticing what looks like accelerated ageing.  
This can be a more lined, dull looking skin.  More pigmentation.  Particularly mid-cheek and around the eyes, more brown marks.  
And you may be having breakouts or sensitivity you never had before.  
All in all, you’ve probably had a week or more locked indoors with no sunshine, sweating it out, feeling rubbish and trying to drink as much water as you can handle. 

You’re off your regular skincare because the habit wasn’t important during the illness, and you know you need an overhaul.

Our advice is to start gentle. 
Start with your morning cleanser, spend time working it gently into your face, and remove it with the softest cloth you’ve got.  

The next step is to give your skin ingredients to repair your barrier function.  Things like niacinimide & vitamin B complexes, specialised lipids to meld the bi-layers back together.
Plus you need plenty of anti-oxidants because girrrrl - you have had some oxidative stress! 

You’ll find a lot of your ‘new post-Covid skin issues’ will simply go away once you return to a basic routine, and regular diet. 
Yes, you’ll be due a facial.  But that’s easy, just book one in. 

For your very first post-Covid skin treatment, we suggest the Spa Dreams Facial.  It’s rich in calming, hydrating ingredients from our organic spa partner Pure Fiji.  
The star ingredient in this facial is called Dilo, a tropical drift-nut that absorbs ocean minerals and donates them to calm the skin when applied in the moist masques and calming oils of this facial. 
You can expect your skin to be soft, balanced and free from inflammation by the end of this hour of bliss. 

If you feel like your skin is really damaged and not it’s normal self, we suggest a course of Healite LED treatment. 
This involves coming to the spa regularly to lie down under the Healite, letting it shine on your clean face.  The light causes skin cells to release vital lipids and nutrients for healing, repairing the waterproofing mechanism in your skin and calming inflammation. 
You will see a calmer, hydrated skin after 1 session.  After a series you’ll find your skin has less breakout, holds it moisture and repairs quickly. 

To get started on your post-Covid skin recovery, book a facial with us today at our luxurious Southbank skin clinic, and enjoy the skin you were born to glow with.

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