Ruby Ray ™        
Stimuates collagen, elastin and deep hydration.  Smoothes your lines, firms skin including the delicate eye and lip areas.  Ruby is your silent skin youth weapon!  You will see reduction in lines, firming, healing and even tones.  

Azure Cool™      
Anti-bacterial blue light shines inside cells to clear out bacteria hiding in pockets and pores of problem skin.  Calming and soothing - by the end of your first appointment your skin will be calmer, cooler and the breakout will already have started to go.  FDA Approved for treatment of acne and inflammation, huge research backs this treatment. 

Emerald Beam™  
Calms and regulates the overproduction of brown coloured pigment.  Blends and creates a more even skin tone.  Perfect for dark scars, uneven tone and to brighten dark eye circles.  Suitable for all skin tones from very fair skin to darkest ebony, the safest treatment possible. 

Violet Light™  
Combined benefits of ruby & azure in one light, ideal when hormonal acne is a problem.  Calms, fights bacteria but also firms and heals. 

Diamond Light™  
Aids muscle recovery & body healing.  Reduce pain in your body and aids both muscular and joint recovery.  Ideal for athletes or anyone with injury or inflammatory pain conditions.  Also wonderful to stimulate collagen for deeper lines. 

Single $99  |  series of 6 $495  |  series of 10 $693
as an upgrade $50 


The treatment was first rate.

“One could not have asked for better care and outstanding service. I felt wonderfully refreshed and fit after the completion of the treatment today.”

— Shirley T.

They listen to your questions.

“I love the service and the prices are competitive. I also don't feel pressured into buying everything all of the time, as I have in the past from other skin spas. The rooms are lovely and quiet and they really take wonderful care of their clients. Another big thing for me is that they listen to your questions and needs and react accordingly. An absolute 10 out of 10.”

— Nicole A.

Best facials on the planet.

“Wonderful experience as always. Friendly, professional, warm people performing the best facials on the planet.”

— Gayle H.

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