Skin Consultation

A frank chat with a friendly expert to work out the root cause of your skin concerns and plan a path back to skin health.  We can plan a basic skin routine or forward plan age management for the next 5 years - it's up to you.  Be empowered with options and look forward to your best skin yet.  Please feel free to bring your existing skincare along if you would like us to work it into your plan.  

30 min $60  |  redeemable on treatment
60 minute extended consultation taking in diet & lifestyle, or more advanced discussion around hormonal health $150 | with Natasha

Spa 30 Facial 

Forget express - this is excellent.  Includes exfoliation, gommaging, infusion mask in either cream, gel or lift-off alginate options.  A little shoulder massage makes this a beautiful escape.  

30 min $80 |  series of 6 $765

Spa Cloud Facial

Rediscover the powerful effects of touch. From the first cleanse to the last hot towel, our hands hardly leave you as we massage in every step of this luxurious ritual facial, customised to your skin goals.  We cleanse, gommage, mask, then  massage for a full 30 minutes over the mask, infusing the goodness to your face, neck, décolletage and extending down your hands & arms and up into your scalp.   When you think it can't get more blissful, we cleanse your feet with sugar scrub, then massage your feet all the way up to your knees.   This facial envelopes you in anti-pollutant wellbeing.  

60 min $175   |  series of 6 $875     

Evidence Facial

This facial takes Paris to the lab!  Completely tailored for your skin concerns using advanced ingredients.  Exceptional refining, brightening and rejuvenation ingredients to reverse al types of skin damage, giving your complexion a glowing aura of health. 
We deep cleanse using ultrasound, exfoliate two ways using first a cream scrub then an enzymatic brightening gel.  A custom mask is followed by our Signature Smoothing Facial Massage for a full 20 minutes, relieving facial tension and shoulder tightness.  

60 min $153  |  series of 6 $765

Evidence Plus+ Facial

Take the Evidence Results Facial (above )plus the corrective power of a full strength Oxygen Enzyme Peel. You’ll see less breakout, less lines, reduced pores, even tones, pure radiance! All in all a better, boosted facial with deeper exfoliation and a freshly radiant result.

60 min $198  |  series of 6 $990

Power of 3™  Facial - our signature facial

Our most popular facial, combining 3 modalities for deeply restorative treatment of all skin conditions.  Forskin health connoisseurs or anyone seeking exceptionally beautiful skin.   No downtime, the ideal pre-event facial.  Includes Oxygen Enzyme or Bio White Peptide Peel, the Gemlight of your therapists choice to activate cellular energy, a 20 minute Signature Smoothing Facial Massage, hand or foot massage, customised mask from our wide range perfectly chosen for your skin goals. 
Completed with a cosmeceutical corrective serum, eye cream, moisturiser and matte sun protection. 

60 min $230 |  series of 6 $1150

Age Brilliance Facial™ 

A trio of skin reviving superstars, the ultimate non-surgical facial to create youthful skin.  This exceptional treatment is for skins serious about reversing the ravages of time quickly - clearing sun damage, refreshing the texture, tone and clarity.  
Includes a full detailed facial, plus a corrective peel and laser photo rejuvenation for your face, neck & décolletage.  Hands are also included.  Enjoy clear, luminous skin. 

We recommend this facial if your primary concerns are pigmentation/sun damage, redness, broken capillaries or if you wish to address fine lines & loss of 'juiciness' in your deep skin layers due to aging.  

60 min $349  |  series of 6 $1745

Trinity Facial™   

A clinical facial of our 3 most advanced skin technologies in one sitting.   For those seeking visible, significant changes.  Ideal if you have infrequent facials but desire extreme results.  Ideal if you want the best on offer, this is certainly it.  
We address each level of skin health: first Laser Revival  to remove redness & sun damage leaving a pure, milky tone.  Sublative breaks down the oil structure & rebuilds a new, refined skin.  Sublime lifts the very tissue that gives your face firm  contours along the jaw, upper cheek and eyes.   Your skin will be taken back in time.  Photos recommended.  Only available with Natasha. 

Laser Revival  /  Sublative  / Sublime
60 min $998   


The treatment was first rate.

“One could not have asked for better care and outstanding service. I felt wonderfully refreshed and fit after the completion of the treatment today.”

— Shirley T.

They listen to your questions.

“I love the service and the prices are competitive. I also don't feel pressured into buying everything all of the time, as I have in the past from other skin spas. The rooms are lovely and quiet and they really take wonderful care of their clients. Another big thing for me is that they listen to your questions and needs and react accordingly. An absolute 10 out of 10.”

— Nicole A.

Best facials on the planet.

“Wonderful experience as always. Friendly, professional, warm people performing the best facials on the planet.”

— Gayle H.

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