Eye bags are the loose sagging skin beneath the eye, which can look like it's filled with fluid. 

Typically the first port of call for people with eye bags is to use fillers or botox on them.  This is very wrong, because the issue is not a lack of tissue (which filler addresses) and it is not an excess of movement (which botox addresses). 

Eye bags are slackened fibres, which need to be tightened up and stimulated to renew. 

There are many surgeons who are now seeing an increase in their work coming from people with eye bags who have had them made much worse by using inappropriate injectables. 

If you are  not ready for surgery, but you want to do what you can to firm up under the eyes, we have some treatment options for you. 

Sublime Skin Tightening
Contracts the slack fibres using RF energy in a painless applicator.  We can treat the skin around the eye up to the orbital bone, and slightly inside that area as well.  Results are seen over 3-6 treatments.  No downtime, and very comfortable.

Stimulates new fibres to grow by making micro-channels into the skin with a pen filled with micro-needles.   Can be safely used right up to the lash line.  This is a treatment you can have ongoing for the rest of your life, and it will always help you make more new collagen.  We recommend 1-6 treatments for best results. 

Recommended skincare

Skincare needs to be full of peptides, which signal the skin to make new fibres.  O Cosmedics makes the worlds best version of peptide rich eye cream called Eye Fusion.  With their proprietary SNAP-8 blend of eight powerful peptides in a well-tolerated gel.  Follow it with the protective hydration cream on the other end of the eye product, and you have a layered solution for strong age-reversal around the eyes. 
DNC Roller is ideal to use under the eyes every 3 days after cleansing.  A device with micro-needles to make tiny channels into the skin, allowing Eye Fusion to enter deeply, and act where it's needed most.