Open pores are partly genetic, partly skin breakdown. 

In the beginning you are genetically allocated a pore size by your DNA.  Some of us have tiny ones, some they are bigger. 

What comes out of the pore is oil, so one aim of treatment is to ensure the oil is flowing, thin and never sticky.   A thick, sticky oil can clog in the pore, holding it open and making it look larger.  Left to continue like this for a long time, the pore will actually expand to hold the oil plug and become even more visible. 

Pores do not open & close, so forget facials with steam, home steam rituals, or treatments involving squeezing out the blackheads.  They're not going to do anything at all to your pore size long term.  And we won't even mention the silly charcoal mask trend...

Our opportunity to make pores smaller comes from the fibres that surround your pore, the very structure of the pores wall itself. 
By increasing the production of these fibres and the number of them we have, we build a stronger scaffold around the pore which naturally firms it up.  
The loss of collagen fibres with age is the very reason pores start to look worse: the walls of the pore get slack and collapse open, like a sock worn too often which gives up the ghost. 

Our treatments aim to liquefy oils sitting in the pore through diet and peels, so oils can flow out to the surface and fulfil their important protective role.  The next goal is keep that pore empty while we repeatedly trigger new firming fibres to support the walls, growing up a new, tighter tissue around the pore, pushing it closed from the sides.  

Alpha Beta Peel
Known as the bottle brush peel, salicylic acid travels through the oils, liquefying them on contact.  The plugs are dissolved and can no longer hold together all the layers they are gluing onto your face. 
Skin will be pink after treatment, feel a little dry a few days later, then layers will begin to gently flake off.  Pores become visibly smaller, oil is controlled, pigment is calmed as a side effect.  An overall exceptional peel for this condition. 
We recommend 1-6 peels performed 2-4 weeks apart.   Apply SPF30+ daily for 7 days minimum, and don't use any exfoliants or acids for a week after treatment.    There is no downtime, return to work right away with makeup applied.  

Breaking up the plugs and stimulating production of new collagen firming fibres, Dermapen does it all in one session.  Your skin will be pink for up to 12 hours, at which point you can apply makeup.  It will feel a little dry the next few days, with the most beautiful results seen at day 7. 
We recommend 3-6 treatments performed 1-4 weeks apart.   There is no downtime with Dermapen, return to work right away and expect radiance within hours.   Ideally combined with peels in the same appointment for even better results. 

Sublative RF
For advanced pore size, or when there are multiple issues you want to correct, Sublative offers you a full rejuvenation of all layers of skin and our best results for pore size in a single-session option. 
Skin will be pink with a pattern of red dots over it looking like pixelation.  These last for up to 7 days, so it's important to have a few days where you don't need to be photographed or give important presentations. 
Pore size is reduced via RF energy spreading under the skin and remodelling the support fibres found there. 

Recommended Skincare
Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser (for drier skins), Corrective Cleanser (for oily skins or skins with serious congestion), Potent Clearing Serum, Rebalancing Cream or Immortal Cream, Retinal Activ Cream, Mineral Pro SPF 30+, Smooth Affair Primer, PurePressed Base, Balance Hydration Spray, Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, Triple Threat at-home Peel, DNC Roller