Eczema is characterized by dry, itching skin that cracks when at it's worst. 

People who suffer eczema have a genetic problem making anti-inflammatories, so their skin over-responds to things which irritate everyone, whereas people who don't have eczema make hormones which simply 'clean up' these daily aggressions. 

Treatment focuses on reducing inflammation, supplying skin with the means to manufacture anti-inflammatories better over time, and healing the traumas inflicted on skin through scratching and itching.  

A soothing light which calms inflammation, heals the dryness and increases the free water available in the skin. 
We recommend a course of 6-10 initially, followed by regular maintenance.   Skin calms at each session, results are noticeable to most people by the time they leave.   Each appointment takes 30 minutes, and as it involves no products or chemicals, you can safely experience gemlight without worrying that your skin will react.  

The biggest factor in addressing eczema is what you eat.  Food is the building block of anti-inflammatories in the body, so we supplement you with a blend of plant oils formulated by skin experts which your body converts as needed. 
Some people have a secondary problem in turning these plant oils into the necessary hormones, so our blends include blackcurrant oil to help in the conversion process.  This means all skins receive at least some relief from their eczema, and results are much better than simply taking fish oil or standard essential fatty acid supplements.  
We also provide standard, naturopath approved diets for eczema control. 

Spa Heaven Wellness Facial
Skin health is improved by applying calming, reparative nutrients to skin.  Layering first highly fluid serums, then gels, then creams, finally oils to massage away congested lymph, skin becomes saturated with hydration at all layers, and waste removal is greatly assisted.  

Recommended Skincare

We suggest a body routine of SLS free, irritant free shower gel, sugar scrub and body lotion from our in-house spa line Pure Fiji. 
Rich in botanicals such as Ngi Grass, increasing free water in the skin, Pure Fiji features a proprietary blend of oils from dilo, macadamia and first-press virgin coconut oil.  

For the face, you will need your skin assessed individually, but we often reach for:
DP Dermaceuticals Tri Phase Cleanser, Vitamin Rich Repair, Hyla Activ Serum, Mineral Pro SPF 30+

Makeup is best sourced from Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup, as the worlds purest and highest quality makeup it is actually reparative to irritated skin and provides a naturally occurring SPF, so is a great alternative for skins too sensitive to use sunblocks.