Dermapen Aftercare

After your Dermapen, everything you put on will reach far deeper than skincare normally would. 
This is okay, it's a benefit of Dermapen, so long as what you put on is designed to get that deep.  Ordinary skincare at that depth will cause problems. 

Cleanse with DP Dermaceuticals Triphase Cleanser or DP Dermaceuticals CLR Cleanser, or O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant cleanser, warm water to emulsify, then remove with The Skin Shammy super-soft cloth. 

Avoid all toners for 2 days, and toners with exfoliating ahas in them for a week. We truly believe toners are pointless as your skin is waterproof, and suggest you avoid wasting money on them.

Apply only the serum recommended by your therapist.  

Apply only the moisturiser recommended by your therapist. 

Apply O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF30+ every day from now on.

Do not use ordinary makeup under any circumstances.  Use Jane Iredale PurePressed Base, Amazing Base or Glow Time BB Cream.  You may also use O Cosmedics 1Skin Treatment Foundation.  

 No Exfoliating for 7 days
until skin feels back to normal.  When you do, use either O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser or DP Dermaceuticals Micro Scrub. 

Apply Hyla Active Mask or Brite Lite Mask by Dermapen the following day for at least 15 min
The copper, zinc and b5 content will calm your skin and accelerate healing.  

For best results apply Hyla Active Mask or Brite Lite Mask daily for 5 days
This will keep cells supremely calm and hydrated as they revitalise.  You'll definitely see superior results if you choose to do this optional step. 

Stay away from bacteria, heat and UV
That means no saunas, spas, swimming pools, hot baths or really hot showers.  Not the time to hit the beach or go for a long walk in the sun. 
Up your sun protection awareness with a hat, sunglasses and always O Cosmedics SPF. 

This is not the time to try something new
Don't be tempted to try a sample, pick up a new mask, subscribe to a beauty box or have a further skin treatment elsewhere.  Even seemingly innocent products can cause serious issues after Dermapen.  Do not compromise your results! 

If you need us, get in touch
There are no silly questions.  We would rather hear from you now, than hear you went to the chemist for advice, or to someone who really cannot know what we performed, how deep, and why.  We are the best people qualified to address all your concerns and we are always at your service. We love progress pics, questions and special requests!  
Send us pics, reach out on our socials, email us or call on 0434 082 354 .