Dermapen™ Face

The classic Dermapen.
Includes your full face, eyelids, lips, neck and décolletage,

40 min $299

Dermapen™ Face & Scalp

While treating the face, we also enhance the health of your scalp & hair.
Includes your full face, eyelids, lips, neck, décolletage and scalp.

60 min $399   

Dermapen™ Body

Scars, Stretchmarks, Pigment    

Ideal for stretchmarks to repair the ripped fabric of the skin.  Surgical scars can usually be improved, though some types will be minimal, and consultation is a must to discover what is possible for you.  Dark areas of skin can be significantly lightened by using the Dermapen to infuse lightening ingredients to the deep layers where pigment is formed.  This is wonderful if you have dark underarms or a darkened pubic area, dark elbows or knees, or general sun damage on your body.  

Includes body area equal in size to an A4 paper. Additional areas are $100 each.

30 min $299  | additional areas $100

Dermapen™ Scalp

Improves the blood flow to the scalp, supplying nutrition to the hair follicle for healthier, shinier hair.
If you’re using prescription hair loss treatments, we recommend bringing them to your session & we will infuse them with the Dermapen™.

45 min $299

Dermapen™ Underarm or Bikini Lightening

To lighten up the skin that gets dark over time from friction and aging. Reduces ingrown hairs and any scarring that they have caused.
Can be used on the bikini line only, or can go all the way into the labia majora to revitalise this area.

30 min $299

Dermapen™ upgrades

+oxygen peel $40
+alpha beta peel $60
+hyla mask $30
+gemlight LED $50 (performed before the dermapen to energise skin)

Dermapen has changed my skin forever.

“Before my wedding I wanted to clear old scarring. I didn’t think it would change much, but I was so so wrong. Thanks for giving me back my skin confidence. I really can’t thank you enough”

— Courtney Walker, Melbourne

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