The collagen 'mattress' beneath your skins surface is subject to constant creasing from facial expressions.  The collagen bounces back when we are young, but with time the springs break, and permanent creases form.  Sigh...
Reversing this is about stimulating the fibroblasts to make new collagen.  

Collagen stimulation requires ongoing commitment to your skin with skincare and treatment.  Choosing your therapist early on will give you an ally in this journey to stay looking fresh. 


Lines are creased collagen fibres.  Dermapen goes in like God's tiny scissors and snips up that creased old collagen.  Skin responds by making new, better collagen.  Line depth is reduced, edges of deep lines are softened, finer lines are able to be negated altogether.  Lines will push out over time as it takes a few months for the newly formed collagen to completely mature. 
Recommended in a series of 6-12 treatments, performed 2-4 weekly depending on your skin. 
Expect mild flushed, pink appearance lasting up to 12 hours, easily covered with Jane Iredale PurePressed foundation. 
You will need to wear only the prescribed skincare for at least 7 days following treatment, as skin care will penetrate far deeper than usual, so must be designed to end up at that depth to avoid issues. 
Dermapen is used for the face, neck, decolletage, the eyelid and undereyes all the way to the lashline, the lips, bust and body. 
Face, neck, eyes & decolletage $299

Sublime RF Skin Tightening

To lift the skin and add back plump volume, Sublime uses radio frequency energy applied via the sublime tip applicator.  It doesn't hurt, it feels like warm pulses.  Skin is instantly lifted, firmer and continues to lift, firm and expand in volume over the coming weeks. 
We recommend a course of 5-6 performed every 5-7 weeks for best results.  Faster results may be seen by increasing the energy used in treatment, which does increase the sensation.  Your therapist will discuss what is best for you. 
Expect strong pinkness in the skin lasting up to 6 hours, easily covered with makeup which can be applied at the end of the appointment. 
May be combined with any other treatment on our menu for even greater results.  

Sublative RF Skin Rejuvenation

The deepest of all rejuvenation procedures offered at Natashas Skin Spa, Sublative reaches into skin via pixel-sized entry points, then spreads out beneath skin to revitalise the entire area of tissue.  
Your skin will be firmer, tighter, have less pigmentation and lines.  Expect marking on the skin of red dots in a hash formation, lasting up to 7 days.  You won't want to be photographed for a few days, so we usually do Sublative on a Friday night, as by Monday you can apply makeup which covers the marks. 
Expect skin to feel very warm, a little tender and immediately tight. 

Gemlight Ruby Ray

If you fancy a super-gentle, new-age style light therapy to plump your lines and revitalise your whole face, Gemlight is your precious treasure.  Ruby Ray is a rich red beam shining on your skin as you nap.  Reaching into each individual skin cell while feeling like a nap in the sunroom, Ruby excites your mitochondria organelle, responsible for splitting up energy and providing it to cell processes. 
Ruby makes your skin feel alive again, act youthful, and has utterly no risk of side effect.  
Ideal for sensory lovers who simply can't stand technology, but want all the benefits of hydration, firming and plumping. 
Is applied to entire face at once, including the eyelids, for complete anti-aging benefits. 
Recommended in a course of 7-10, taken 2-3 days apart.   


Deep lines formed by expressions can age you and make you look angry, when in fact you're happy. 
Botox is a neuro-toxin which occurs in nature.  Scientists replicate it, purify it, and our doctor injects it into the motor point of the muscles responsible for these strong expressions.  The muscle will no longer be able to contract, and will smooth out, relaxing your appearance, freshening you up and making you look younger, awake, and  many people say happier. 
Botox lasts around 3 months before a top up is needed.  We recommend you use Pure Age Defiance peptide serum daily to extend the results of  your botox, clinically proven to make it last longer. 


With age we lose volume and moisture.  Fillers are injections of gel placed under, not into, the skin.  There they attract water to themselves, plumping out hollows, quenching thirsty skin with reservoirs of water held in situ, and contouring the face back to youthful curves. 
Fillers can be placed underneath a line to push it up to the surface.  Often used in combination with botox for best effect. 

Recommended Skincare
Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Microderm Exfoliant, Triple Threat Peel, Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, Pure Age Defiance Serum, EGF Booster SErum, Retinol Concentrate, Retinal Activ Cream, Immortal Cream, Mineral Pro SPF 30+