The decolletage is the area between the bottom of the neck and the top of the bust.  It is common for us to see skins treated elsewhere, which have had regular treatment for years on the face, possibly even the neck, but where facialists have simply ignored the decolletage.  This can leave people looking rather silly as the face looks years younger than their chest, with the condition of the decolletage giving the game away.  

All treatments performed here include the decolletage unless they are sold by area (eg. Sublime and Sublative) because we don't want our clients to end up in this predicament. 

However if you find yourself already there, we have specific advice to improve the decolletage.  Let's get started. 

The best place to begin with this area is the dermapen device.  Using a pen filled with micro-fine needles, we break up the old, glycated, cross-linked and brittle collagen fibres which are often easily seen as deep lines or a cross hatched pattern in the skin. 
Dermapen will soften the hardened appearance of an aged decolletage, and restore some flex and softness.  A series of 6-10 is advisable for best results, though one is enough to impress. 
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Age Brilliance Facial
We begin by dissolving dead skin buildup with a chemical peel, giving skin a more refined texture right away. 
Next we apply Laser Photo Rejuvenation to precisely remove sun spots, red veins, general redness and to improve elasticity of this skin.  Finally a soothing mask of Algae infused with aloe vera soothes the skin and restores moisture.   Age Briliance Facial treats not only the decolletage, but also the neck and entire face.  This makes it one of our best value facials and one of our most popular. 
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Laser Photo Rejuvenation
For a shorter appointment than Age Brilliance, just the laser component is used to precisely clear sun damage, redness, and improve collagen and elastin fibres for a more flexible, softer and even toned decolletage skin.  
1-6 appointments are needed, depending on the condition of your skin. 
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Recommended Skincare
O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, DP MicroDerm Exfoliant for thicker skins, O Cosmedics Exfoliating Cleanser for normal to fragile skins, DNC Home Roller, EGF Booster serum, Pure Age Defiance serum, Retinal Activ Cream or O Cosmedics Potent Retinol serum, Immortal Cream, Comfort Cream, Bestow Beauty Plus+ Oil, Bestow Beauty Powder, Emergin C Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, Mineral Pro SPF 30+, Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer, Jane Iredale GlowTime BB Cream & Pure Pressed Base, Pommist Hydration Spray.