January Top Treatments Sale
20% off any mix of 3

Your favourite treatments at Natashas are on sale at a great price, so you can look your best in 2019.  Grab a mini-course of 3 of one thing to turn your skin around, or mix 3 different treatments to create the most blissful January of beauty you've ever had.   Choose from...

...choose your 3 treatments & enjoy guaranteed results for your beauty!

  • GemLight LED
  • Power of 3 Facial
  • Age Brilliance Laser Facial
  • Catalyst Retinol Peel
  • Dermapen Face
  • Dermapen Body
  • 1/2 Legs Laser Hair Removal
  • Full Legs Laser Hair Removal
  • Jane Iredale Makeup Lesson & Application*
  • The Well Tech Massage
  • The Peelicure pedicure
  • The Body Shaper Cellulite & Firming
  • Island Escape Body Scrub & Wrap

makeup not redeemable for products purchased  |  to be booked in January

body firming project at natashas skin spa southbank beauty salon for cellulite and firming treatment

A Body Firming Project

Fight off the 'cottage cheese effect' with The Body Shaper.
Watch your booty curve and your thighs smooth out.  

Your body firming program includes:

4 x 30 min Bambooty firming massages breaks down cellulite capsules
4 x The Thigh & Booty Peel to smooth skin
4 x The Body Shaper treatments removes wastes from fat cells, shapes curves
1 x Be Cleansed Powder to add to your smoothies, cleans from within using fibre

Total value $1074 only $699



Pure Romance Makeup Look 

Recreate this gorgeous look using Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup.  Just 4 products to apply for a romantic kissable look...

  • Liquid Minerals in Golden Glow
  • Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever Pink
  • Eye Pencil in Brown
  • Longest Lash in Black Ice

2 ways to get this look:

Watch the tutorial online & buy your makeup in our online store or in-spa
Have a makeup application in-spa for $99 redeemable on products purchased  




Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever pink 

Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain in Forever pink 

Eye Pencil in BLACK/BROWN

Eye Pencil in BLACK/BROWN

Longest lash mascara in black ice

Longest lash mascara in black ice


Glow with your Spraytan this Valentines Day

Feel gorgeous & look your best with a perfectly applied professional tan on your Valentines. 

Book your appointment today!








Summer Must Have Beauty Items

How to Detoxify Your Body & Fight Cellulite

Cellulite... people say it can't be changed.  But we have all SEEN it disappear from the thighs of celebs almost like magic.  So how are they doing it?

Here's the tea...

Fat cells are just little storage pods for things your body can't use or process right now.
Got some excess calories?  Stick them in that fat cell there for later. 
Got a bit too much waste for the liver to process right now?  Stick it in the fat cell and we will get to it later. 

The problem is when later never comes.   
You keep on eating excess calories, we keep being exposed to wastes in our food, environment, medicines. 

Fat cells get overly full & start to push up against skin surface.   You know the bumps?  
In between the fat cells are fibrous cores anchoring skin to muscle deep below.  They stay intact, and represent the dimples seen in the famous 'orange peel' look of cellulite.  

This is stage 1 Cellulite.  
Stage 2 happens when those fibrous cores finally give up and start to stretch out.  You think your cellulite magically got better as the dimples disappear... then...nope!  The whole area just went gooey.  

How to fight back...

First remove as much waste as you can from your lifestyle.  Include in your cull:

  • unnecessary medicines
  • caffeine
  • all drinks other than water, fresh juice or herbal tea
  • smoking cigarettes, marijuana or vape
  • contraceptive pill unless for actual contraceptive reasons
  • paraben-containing skincare
  • processed food
  • dairy, especially low-fat dairy 

Eat more fibre to clean your bowels.  
A big dose of fibre from natural flaxseeds and plant sources, Be Cleansed Powder will expand your poos and get them to wipe out the bowel wall properly.  How can you look great when your insides are dirty & not eliminating properly though basic digestion? 



January Hours 

We are all back from holidays and feeling ready to spoil you all!  
Our tans are golden, our pedicures are glossy and we now want YOU to
look your very best as we sail into 2019. 
Give us a call to book your beauty treatments in now on 03 9696 1189
or 0434 082 354.  

We can't wait to hear all your news from the holidays!

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