Dark Circles are essentially the breakdown of the collagen layer in the skin under your eye.  With it thinned out, the blood flow beneath is no longer hidden from view. 
To repair it, we use a stimulating technique to increase the flow-through of fresh blood, sweeping away any stagnated blood from the vessel walls.  
We then focus on rebuilding the collagen layer, thickening firming and hiding the blood beneath. 

Dark circles have very little to do with being tired except that when we are tired, the skin tends to be dehydrated and collapse, making it thinner and again, more transparent to the blood flow beneath. 

Youthful Eyes Treatment Mask
Add to your skin treatment for a refreshing boost and stimulation of the blood flow. 
10 min with any other treatment $30

For the entire face, dermapen also includes the under eye and eyelid.  The thickening effect on the collagen is the best you can get this close to the eye. 
45 min $299

Recommended Skincare Options
Clean Eyes Water, Eye Correct Cream, Eye Fusion Gel-Cream, Collagen Crystal Eye Mask.