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Natasha Smits Luxury Cream Cleanser

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Natashas personal collection begins with the perfect cleanser.  A milky, luxurious whipped cream, designed to respect and repair your skins barrier function. 

Whether your skin is oily, dry, irritated or acneic... this is the correct cleanser for you.

Formulated with plant milks to perfectly dissolve impurities and pollution, Luxury Cream Cleanser will leave your skin soft, pure and calm.

Highly recommended for eczema, acne, pigment, sensitized and age-concerned skins.   
Designed by master facialist Natasha Smits using 20 years of experience.

How to use it:

Wash your hands first.  Dispense a few pumps, work it into your face with loving strokes.  Work in small circles on areas of congestion  Add a little water and work again.  Remove using a gentle, super-soft cloth.  Natasha highly recommends a muslin baby washcloth, or a Skin Shammy such as the ones found in our online store.  
She does NOT recommend using a loofah, tissue, cotton wool, disposable wipes or any other type of disposable cloth. 

This product is suitable for removing makeup, as a morning cleanse, an evening cleanse or a post-workout cleanse. 

// Australian Made
// Plant based
// Vegan 
// Reparative
// Sensitive Suited
// Facialist Approved

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