The Body Shaper casual session

Choose your area of concern to be focused on.  Thighs, inner thighs, tummy, upper arms, back fat or love handles.  

30 min $180  |  series of 10 $1440

The Body Shaper Maintenance

Once you've reached your body goals, maintain your results with a monthly to 6-weekly appointment so nothing backslides.  Keep your bookings regular to access this great price. 

30 min $160


Damn! I love my body!

“Thank you so much girls.  You've given me back my booty.  I used to love it, and I do again.  I'm glad I went on to do little detail sessions after my initial course, I didn't think it would make much difference but it's just continued to improve.  Thank you a million times over”

— Candice W.

I almost didn't do it.

“After having babies so young, my tummy was ruined.  I was ready to have a tummy tuck, but when you have kids you think three times before going under the knife.  Body Contouring lifted it up enough that I felt okay to go swimming again, and I cancelled my surgery."

— Innes C.  

My painful cellulite is gone.

“Nobody talks about how cellulite actually HURTS.  Never mind how it looks!  Every time I knocked my thigh against something it was painful.  After my Body Contouring the fluid just went, and it hasn't come back.  The cellulite is about 80% gone and I never thought I'd see that again in my life ”

— Joy S.

 Before & After Body Contouring

F.A.Q.s about The Body Shaper

What is Body Contouring?
It's a device used to influence the behaviour of your fat tissues. 

How long has Body Contouring been around? 
We have been working with it for 5 years, but as a boutique clinic who never advertises, we rarely meet anyone who has already heard of it - until recently!   Currently Body Contouring is having a moment.  Celebrities no longer hide the treatments they have done, making people aware of the amazing options they can access.  
You'll see many clinics introducing Body Contouring for the first time.  Rest assured you are in the most experienced hands with us. 

Do I need to prepare for it?
Yes.  Drinking plenty of water before hand makes the treatment more effective.  Afterwards you can help flush out the wastes by drinking a few litres of fresh, clean water.  Avoiding caffeine is smart when you want to smooth out cellulite. 

What does it feel like?
Wonderful!  Like finally someone is really getting in there and doing something.  You'll feel suction, warmth and at some moments, maybe a little pinch which means we need to go lighter on that area.  Mostly, you'll love it. 

What does it look like afterwards?
Your skin will be pink and may have some marks on it in the shape of the treatment head.  Mild bruises are possible if the area was severely waterlogged. 

How long does the pinkness last? 
For a few hours to a few days at most. 

How long till I see results from Body Contouring? 
A single session can give a result, but it depends on what your baseline is.  Someone who has a lot of coldness in the tissue and bad circulation will take longer to get activated and get results.  Someone with a softer tissue with more concerns about flabbiness rather than cellulite, will find the results are quite fast.  All results are dependant on following the advice of your Body Contouring therapist, and keeping an eye on your lifestyle. 

Do I have to exercise to get results?
No.  You do need to exercise to ensure you have a long, healthy life though.  We recommend 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day, even a morning walk is a wonderful habit for a beautiful body for life. 
The models in our before & after pictures were not doing any extra exercise during the treatment course.  

How long will my results last?
Once you hit your goal,  you could theoretically do nothing and your results would last 6 months.  But why would you do that?  Book yourself a maintenance treatment at least once every few months to ensure no back-sliding.  

Can I have Body Contouring when I'm pregnant?
No, because the increase in fluids being pushed around, and the increase in wastes being freed up from fat into the lymph would be too much in a pregnant bod.  
We recommend putting it on the Baby Shower Wish List for after you finish breastfeeding.

Can I take medication while I'm on Body Contouring?
Most medicines are fine.  Give us a call or book a consultation to find out if yours is okay. 

How long will each treatment take? 
Allow a full hour for undressing and treatment. 

How many treatments will I need? 
A single treatment will get things moving and make you feel wonderful.  A course of treatments over time will give you exceptional, more lasting results.  Many of our clients have a single treatment if they get asked on a date at short notice, to look svelte in a special outfit. 

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