Bestow is not a supplement!  It is highly beneficial food.  Found in nature, but often missed in your daily diet because of modern food processing.  Featuring fibre and luxurious natural plant oils to cleanse your bowel, balance your digestion, rehydrate your skin, calm inflammation and enhance healing of all skin conditions.  

Bestow is safe for anyone, even during pregnancy, even while breastfeeding.  
In fact - especially while breastfeeding, we suggest you take Bestow to pass the essential fats and nutrients to your infant, pre-empting the chances of eczema and cradle cap in your wee one.  That's how safe, pure and beneficial Bestow is.  

We recommend everyone with skin takes the Beauty Plus Oil, because the blend is so nutritious: hemp, coconut, flaxseed, safflower, evening primrose and more.  It will keep your skin dewy and keep your oils balanced and free flowing.  Every guest also benefits from the addition of Berry Beautiful powder, a daily Vitamin C dose of powdered black doris plum, berries and other lush red fruits.   This will keep your skin firm and youthful.  
In fact, you could take the entire Bestow range daily and only benefit from the plant goodness within.  Explore the range here.