The Body Shaper has a single goal: to get waste out of the fat cells & remove it via the lymphatic system.
This makes your dimples less dimply and your curves firmer.

To prepare for The Body Shaper…
We want you SOAKED in water. Drink 3 litres a day every day between now and your treatment.
On the day? Drink at least 3 litres again.
The day after? Another 3 litres.

You might say ‘so the results are just from water’ but that’s not quite it.
Your body is going to use that water to create a waste-washing-away river inside you.

All through your body is a system of tubes filled with lymph. Lymph is largely water. Putting more water into your lymph will make your waste removal more effective.

You may experience some…
in the areas treated with The Body Shaper.

This is normal & to be expected, though you may not see it at one treatment, don’t be surprised if you see it at another. It depends on your body on the day.

After treatment…

Please keep warm. Don’t go swimming in cold water, don’t have a cool shower, and certainly don’t do any cryotherapy!
The Body Shaper HEATS the fat cell and tissue. Keep cosy to let it work.

Exercising right afterwards is a GREAT idea. Even just a brisk 30 minute walk.
With all the stimulation to the area you want improved, exercising will back that up with a full body clean-up and help take away the wastes which The Body Shaper has pushed out.

Dry body brush daily. Using the Bestow Body Brush (available in our online store for $20) start at your ankles, work towards the heart. Use short, light strokes.
Start at your wrists and repeat. The point is that lymph sits largely in the superficial parts of the body, close to the skins surface. It’s actually extremely beneficial to dry brush lightly. Hard brushing will not help at all. We move towards the heart because that’s where the major thoracic lymphatic duct is - that is to say, the dumping point of all your lymph, where it all ends up.
Plus, your body will get super soft.


Things that contribute to cellulite and fat gain.
This means anything not made by nature - processed foods, medications (where not strictly prescribed by your doctor of course), synthetic drinks, preservatives in skincare.

Avoid skincare with paraffinum, petroleum derivatives, and all the nasties on our banned list. Why? Well they won’t kill you, but they WILL create a situation for your liver. See if something is not supposed to be in your body, and you keep putting it onto a tissue that absorbs things, it’s going to end up inside you. Your liver is the detox centre & has to work very hard to get rid of it all.
While your liver is occupied with these things, it can’t do as good a job of processing all the wastes we are squeezing out of your fat cells with The Body Shaper.
So give your liver a break, and The Body Shaper will work better, faster.
Plus - gross. Those things aren’t meant for your exquisitely beautiful self. Leave them for the mad chemists.


Fibre to your diet. Fibre is found in whole fruits, veggies and whole grains. It expands out your bowel movements, so that they sweep the bowel wall properly, and clean it as you go toilet. Yup, we’re talking about poo. Because when your poo is healthy, your body gets cleaner.
For nearly every client we would recommend Bestow Be Cleansed Powder. It’s a blend of FOOD not a ‘supplement’ including coconut flour, linseeds, safflower seeds, flaxseeds, oats, and it is full of fibre that gives you a cleanse via your own digestive system.
It’s completely safe during pregnancy, breastfeeding and you can actually feed it to your children without any risk at all.
Buy it in-spa or in our online store. 1 tablespoon a day will clean you up.

Water as your only drink. No juice, no green drink, no smoothie, no nothing. Water.

Fish, fresh veggies and nuts as your staple foods.

30 minutes of non-negotiable exercise a day. We recommend exercise that doesn’t cause excessive inflammation in your body. That means no crazy fast hard classes. No one-size-fits-all exercise fads. No matter how instagram-cool they are, these type of classes cause injury and damage to your body.
We suggest yoga, pilates, walking, swimming, weights and personal training. Your results will be much better for your anti-aging effort overall.

If you have any questions about The Body Shaper, questions or concerns following a treatment please get in touch with us on 0434 082 354.