There are several types of rosacea, and it's important for us to work out which one you have.  

However treatments are simliar for them all, so we won't go into the types here. 

Essentially rosacea means you have too many little demodex mites living on your skin.  We all have them, but yours are out of control, and for whatever reason, are breeding like mad.  Demodex eat skins oils, become super-full then explode onto the skins surface, often in the mouth of the pore.  This toxic waste is so irritating to your skin, it sets off a blood response, expanding the blood vessels which can in turn, be damaged in this process.  They aren't happy at expanding so fast, or having to do so all the time at short notice, and they become damaged. 

Hence rosacea is always red, and sometimes involves pimples.  

The treatment requires us to control the population of demodex, support the blood system of the skin to remove wastes, and rebuild the leaky walls of damaged blood vessels to reduce the redness.  In some cases we simply need to shut down those blood vessels and start again, so we laser them closed. 

Each rosacea client is completely unique.  We will customise a treatment plan to suit you, but here is some outline of what kind of thing we do for rosacea and why. 

Low-level peels
Repeat, low-strength acid peels are shown to reduce demodex and improve rosacea.  While undergoing a peel may feel counter-intuitive to those with sensitive skin, it's actually the fastest way to reduce the redness and get your rosacea under control.  At the end of the first treatment you will actually be less red than when you came in.  
We recommend a 2 weekly appointment for at least 6 treatments.  More treatments may be necessary, depending on the extent of your issues.  Maintenance is always necessary for rosacea, as it is a life-long condition and can flare up at any time.  Treatment does however reduce the number of flareups people have, and sets a new normal over time. 

Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Using safe, precision light energy focused on the blood vessels, we close off the damaged vessels for an instant reduction in redness.  You see some blood vessels are so damaged they are beyond repair, and we simply need to start afresh.  Don't worry though, because your skin will immediately begin to form new, stronger vessels without the leaks.  Your skin will become stronger and more resilient from laser photo rejuvenation. 
We recommend 1-6 treatments, depending on your skin.  
Expect skin to be pink for a few hours, with vessels either going darker then resolving over the coming week, or instantly disappearing.   You'll need to avoid suntanning prior, and avoid sun exposure for a week afterwards, protecting skin with SPF 30+ daily. 
Makeup can be applied gently at the end of the treatment.  We recommend DP Cover Recover afterwards.

Healite L.E.D.
For the gentlest approach, gemlight shines into the skin and restores balance, calm and strength.  Supporting the blood vessels via creation of collagen to line their walls, while reducing the demodex count and hydrating skin from within.  
We recommend 6-10 treatments, taken 2-3 days apart.  Healite is ideal to manage your flareups as it can be taken as needed in single sessions after your initial series is complete. 

Recommended Skincare
Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Potent Clearing Serum, EGF Booster Serum, Pure Age Defiance Serum, Retinol Concentrate, Rebalancing Cream, Mineral Pro SPF30+, DP Cover Recover makeup. 
These are just some of the skincare products which may be recommended for you by our skin experts.  Of course the best results are with a professional, personalised recommendation which you can get by booking a virtual or in-spa consultation. 

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