Silk Pillowcases: Hype or hopeful?

Every now and then someone manages to market a beauty product in the most effective manner: think of the Clarisonic, a high-tech cleansing tool to vibrate your cleanser for a deeper clean. Initially priced around $500, the Clarisonic was a beauty editors wet dream: techy, pretty and actually rather useful.

Then we had the Luna Foreo competing at about $250.

Now we can pick up an O-Sonic by O Cosmedics for a mere $99, democratising this clever wee tool for all who seek purified, softer skin.

The Next Big Thing has been silk pillowcases, and you’ve seen them everywhere in the past year.
They claim to be great for everything from acne to hair breakage, plus they look absolutely beautiful in your selfies.
We road tested a few before settling on The Good Night Co, and here is what we learned…

As thread count is to cotton sheeting, so ‘momme’ is to silk cloth. Pronounced ‘mo-mie’ it’s actually a Japanese measure of weight and tells a lot about the quality of the cloth - how much silk is actually there.
When buying silk, you really must touch it and let it fall into your hand. The quality will speak for itself.

When selecting a silk pillowcase for the sake of beauty, it’s important to get a high momme: the heavier the cloth per inch, the more closely woven the silk strands, creating that truly silken surface which gives far less friction on skin sliding over it, than a cotton cloth might.

Yes, it does help with lines and wrinkles. After waking up for years with a crease on my sleeping side, which disappears during my skincare routine, I found myself crease-free upon waking after just 1 night on the slip.
Does that matter? Absolutely. Temporary creasing may disappear on the surface, but underneath there is long term tissue creasing being done. These morning lines will show up in future years, even if they disappear during the day.

Does it help with acne? In the sense that anything which can prevent heat and nighttime friction on the skin can help with acne, then theoretically yes. But as we haven’t been able to lay our hands on any solid clinical trial, we won’t be claiming this anytime soon. But if you do have acne, you deserve the prettiest pillowcases in the world too, so why not treat yourself? After all, you spend half your life asleep….

The Good Night Co silk slips are available for purchase at Natashas Skin Spa at $64.95 each.
Beautifully boxed for gifting, an ideal spa wellness gift for someone who appreciates luxury.