Notes on Cellulite

I'd like to explain what cellulite actually IS.  Very few clients I meet understand it, but it's quite simple and therefore it's quite simple to treat. 

Your fat cells are storage pods for anything your body can't process right now.  

Excess calories?  Put them in the liver first, and if the liver is full, put them in the fat cell. 
Excess hormones?  Process them through the liver now. Liver not coping with the workload?  Chuck them in the fat cell.  

Excess synthetics from the environment?  Air pollution?  Chuck it in the fat cell.  It can't hurt anybody there. 

So at some point your fat cells can get quite full.  They bulge with waste and fluid.  You can see this pushing up against the skin. 

The dimples in between? Ropes of fibre that anchor your skin surface to deeper tissue.  

First port of call with cellulite treatment is to get the fat cell in a vice-grip of body shaper machine, and run a radio wave through it.  This makes

the fat cell wall get a bit gooey.  It becomes permeable, that is to say it's more open to letting things OUT.  

We give it a good squeeze with the machine and the wastes come out into the surrounding tissue.

The work of the technology is done. 
Now your natural body systems take over.  

Your Lymphatic System is a series of tubes running through your body.  It's just like your blood circulation system, the only difference is it doesn't carry blood, it carries waste fluid.  

So now your Lymphatic System picks up the waste and drains it away.  

 You need to drink lots of water to help this process along, to make sure you have a good amount of fluid in those waste drainage tubes.  Think of it like a storm water system. You need the rain

to wash out the accumulated rubbish.  

By doing The Body Shaper technology treatment on your cellulite, what you're actually doing is activating your natural body Lymphatic System to remove waste from fat storage, quickly, safely and effectively. 

Your fat cells are no longer as swollen, so the bumps will reduce in size.  

If your cellulite normally HURTS to press on it, this is because it's all swollen.  By removing the fluids, the swelling goes, and it doesn't hurt anymore to press the side of your thigh.  Freedom!

As you can see, cellulite is a health concern, not just a cosmetic thing or all about looks.  Reducing cellulite is literally improving the health of your fat tissues and body overall.  


But the best part of cellulite reducing is the way you feel and look in your clothes. The confidence of loving ALL your body parts again, and not hiding the beautiful body you live in.