Natashas current skincare routine

The question I'm asked more than any other:  what skincare do YOU use?  
For all you who ask, the answers...

My skincare routine changes based on the weather, my lifestyle, and the skin challenges I'm currently having.  Because even with all the goodness available to me as a skin expert, I still have to endure pollution, hormonal fluctuations and the challenges of modern living.   

Currently the air is very dry in Melbourne, it's so cold that everywhere you go people have the air conditioning turned up hot.  Step into a cafe - it's warm.  Step outside again - it's freezing. 
Blood vessels are struggling to keep up with all the rapid opening and closing they have to do in order to keep us at a safe and stable temperature. 

And what cream do you use, when the climate around your face changes hourly?

So here is the perfectly constructed routine that is saving my face right now. 

Emergin C Multi-Fruit Cleanser
A creamy cleanser that lightly lathers but doesn't foam.  Has been perfect to slough away the finer congestions, freeing the pores of build up and dirt, but leaving my skin softer with every cleanse and never drying it.  
Features fruit acids and extracts of camellia, lemon and other citrus fruits.  The blend is divine. 

DP Dermaceuticals Antioxidant Cocktail Serum
A very 'wet' serum that feels like thick water.  Full of vitamin C, E and powerful anti-inflammatories, I'm using this to wet the depths of the skin, making a river of moisture for nutrients to swim through, so they can reach their target cells. 
Vitamin C triggers collagen production to keep things firm in these dry times.  It's also a good regulator of sebaceous (oil) gland activity, so I'm seeing a nice reduction in pore size as the oils flow and don't stick.

DP Dermaceuticals Brite Lite Serum
A slightly thicker serum, still wet and hydrating.  Specifically featuring the pigment blocking Kocic Acid.  This ingredient fell out of favour some years back as unethical producers were using it in toxic doses.  The ingredient itself works better than ANY other to even out skin tone, and is completely safe.  Just like water, too much can drown you but a glass is brilliant for skin health.
I put this on directly after the Antioxidant Cocktail Serum.  There's no issue with using 2, 3 or even 6 serums, you simply layer them up and enjoy the benefits.  

O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum
A gel-like serum, my favourite of all time and our best seller. 
When your collagen breaks down, it turns into little short chains of proteins called peptides.  This serum contains man-made peptides.  By applying them, we trick the skin to think it's had collagen breakdown, so your skin goes into major production of NEW collagen.  Signal firming, smoothing, tightening.  
A second type of peptide disrupts the contraction signal of the muscle against the skin, releasing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin out, letting it look fresher and more relaxed. 
I would never be without this particular serum no matter what the current condition of my skin.  A week on it shows a huge difference. 

O Cosmedics Eye Correct
A pink cream that deflects light away from fine lines, making you look smoother and fresher under the eyes in moments.  The pink is a great foil for dark under-eye circles, while the peptides release tensions in the skin for a smoother, less lined appearance.   We have more advanced/complex eye creams, but this is my go-to during dry months and is amazing at giving fast results for people wanting to get started on the eye area. 

O Cosmedics Immortal Cream
One cream to rule them all, this is my neck, face, day and night go-to.  Can be layered heavier or lighter depending on how your skin feels that day.  Right now I'm wearing it pretty lightly as I've got all those lush serums on underneath.  3 serums in a row plus Immortal Cream is a perfect solution for dryness and my skin is more hydrated by the day.  

Foundation:  If I'm wearing any, which usually I'm not, it's Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals in Golden Glow.  
The base is hyaluronic acid, the same ingredient found in all our best serums.  Suspended in this base are balls of mineral pigment.  When it pumps out they blend, creating a mousse foundation liquid.  The serum base soaks down, taking the light colour tint with it, locking it into the skin. 
So fast to apply, so hydrating, and lasts all day without drying out. 
Perfect for dry, lined or mature skins, or those with enlarged pores who don't want to make them look any worse. 

Every night, I'm applying a Lonvitalite Silk Mask for 15 minutes. 
These are so rich in hydration, you can  use them 2 nights in a row. 
They make the skin simply BURST with moisture and contain very calming ingredients like coconut milk, coconut water and red wine grape extract reseveratrol, a super powerful antioxidant.  
These are $50 for a 5 pack.