What is the best treatment I can have right now, mid-winter?

We are in the window of time when the light is low, there are few social events to attend, and we can work hard on the skin.  Possibly even have a little downtime. 

These are the 2 treatments you should consider at this time of year, which you may not normally do.  The rewards are beautiful. 

Sun damage - if your skin is not pure, milky and free of brown spots... invest in some Photo Rejuvenation Laser.   Laser pulses energy into the skin, where it concentrates in the unevenly coloured cells.  These cells then die, and your skin starts to push them out to the surface.  
It appears that your brown marks are just falling off... and they are.  
After a few weeks, your complexion is clearer, brighter and more even. 
Every session achieves amazing results, we suggest 2-4 for best results. 

From $199 for face, to $249 for face, neck & décolletage.  Also fabulous for hands, arms, and legs. In fact anywhere you want to farewell sun damage before the next round of UV hits us. 

Scarring and/or Firming - You can always have Sublime Skin Tightening any time of year, without risk.  But at this time of year there's the option to go next-level with Sublative RF. 
Sublative creates tiny holes in the skin, much like skin needling/dermapen.  
However it goes further, because once it gets to the required depth, it spreads out, extending into the areas around the entry points for a more complete, extensive rejuvenation. 
You'll need 5 days where nobody photographs you, as a grid pattern covers your face. 
Results include reduction in pore size, extensive remodelling of any lines/wrinkles or scars or age damage.  

From $449 for face.  Also suitable for body, décolletage, stretchmarks, etc.