The Slow Beauty Movement in Melbourne

You've heard of the slow food movement, right? 
It's all about farm to plate, caring about each stage in between - how is it grown, is it ethical, and how positively will it impact the environment, and the end consumers health? 

Meet The Slow Beauty Movement. 
Slow beauty is not new. 
It's been around for a long time, with many skin therapists quietly practising it (including us).  Quite possibly the reason you haven't heard of it is these therapists have always been extremely popular.  They are busy enough, thank you, with the dedicated, long term facial clients they already have.  
This is because what they teach is lifestyle.  Beyond 'use this serum' or 'have this laser' they are sharing a way of life with their guests, of how to eat, breathe, and BE beautiful. 

What does Slow Beauty entail? 
It's the acknowledgement of universal truths: that you can't build good skin with crappy building blocks, and you can't build Rome in a day.  

True beauty comes from holistic health, a blend of: 

  • good nutrition from clean food
  • all the bodies systems to be healthy: endocrine, vascular, lymphatic, neural, digestive
  • applying products with a 'clean science' ethos, not just a 'natural' or 'botanical' angle

Rather than pushing and peeling skin into submission, it takes a longer term view of skin health.
It doesn't forbid advanced styles of treatment, though in many clinics that is used as a marketing angle.  No, Slow Beauty is about taking your time to learn good habits, that will last a lifetime. 

It teaches what foods to eat for which condition
How to monitor & manage your stress
Mental health for overall health
Hormonal health as a core tenet of beauty

Why is the movement growing? 
Consumers are tiring of mass produced, cheap, low value goods.  The emptiness many people feel is exactly what we should have expected from huge, glittering malls full of slave-labour-produced goods. 
It's to be expected, when we are bombarded with glossy images of false at every turn. 

Consumers are also well enrolled in the Slow Food movement, and have begun to see food choices as an extension of their values.  You're either a Kelloggs girl, or a Carmens muesli, and those reading this know exactly which they are.   You drink milk, or almond milk.  

Skincare is a natural extension of that.  The difference in 2018 is that more guests are understanding that 'natural beauty' is not about using stuffy, dated aromatherapy oil on your face.  There are exquisite, high end, effective products available that use clean science. 
And there are wellness/beauty gurus who can teach you to eat for radiant glow. 

But what about guests seeking more than that?  Enter Slow Beauty. 
The Slow Beauty Movement is about to have a moment,as skincare brands globally gear up to take advantage of the trend. 

We will be seeing more skincare supplements than ever before, because a key tenet of Slow Beauty is 'eating for beautiful skin'.  

Expect many of these brands to be nothing but hype & ground up rocks masquerading as skin boosters.  Expect many of them to be expensive, useless and age-shaming.  
But expect some gems as well.

Rather than get excited about the latest 'wellness guru' to suddenly care about the skincare market, I would recommend you look to brands which have been doing this for a New York minute. 
There are many therapists who work from diet out, and skincare in.  This is the truly holistic way to work.   

What is Slow Beauty like at Natashas Skin Spa? 

At Natashas Skin Spa we look at you as this whole:  what you eat, how you feel, what is your lifestyle, what goes on your body & skin, what climate are you in?  We slowly, over time, improve on those areas, and you improve skin & vitality. 

During consultation we work out the best way for us to enhance your life & beauty.  Some guests want skincare alone, and that's fine.  We have clean science lines that achieve amazing results. 

Some guests take up our food coaching, helping to decongest, calm inflammation and increase vitality.   We have standard diet plans anyone can try, or we can customise for you in conjunction with our expert behind-the-scenes team of naturopaths and dieticians.  

All guests receive a nurturing approach from us that leaves you with a sense of caring support. 
Small lifestyle tips and changes are always given along the way, as we guide you to your best self.  Slowly.  

How is Slow Beauty going to look in the salon world at large? 

You're going to see a lot more facials featuring 'crystal wands' to massage, and 'energy balancing' to make you feel good.    

I strongly recommend you give them a wide berth, and stick to therapists who work with evidence based skincare, technologies and nutrition.  

You see truly holistic treatment is not about crystals or 'energy healing' or any other fairytales.  
It's about the whole person, and in a time when our stress levels, pollution and cancer rates are high, none of us can afford to waste time, or money, on treatments that do not work, and take science back to the dark ages.  

Look for a spa, beauty or skin therapist who takes on your personal wellbeing as her mission, but does so respectfully, guiding you to a beautiful way of living that feels authentic, sustainable and nurturing to you.  

Beauty is just the side effect. 

If you're interested in a more beautiful you through a more beautiful life, contact us at Natashas Skin Spa for a consultation, facial or massage experience.  It would be our privilege to nourish your life.