How to make waxing less painful, and longer lasting.

Waxing isn't something any of us LIKE doing, but it's a fact of life for many Melbourne guys and gals who want to be hair free, without dealing with a razor. 

There's laser hair removal (which we also offer) but laser is an option that requires you to have dark hair and no tan.  So it's not always going to be an option. 

That's why we still offer classic body and facial waxing, specialising in Brazilian waxing for the ladies of the land of Southbank.  
We do bikini line waxing for men as well. 

Getting through your wax with a maximum level of comfort is a lot easier when you have these pro tips, so read on lovelies!

First, calm thyself. 
Avoid coffee, tea and stimulants on the day of your wax.  Now if you're like most Southbank folk, you really need that morning coffee, so we will forgive you if you have to!  But just remember, if you can put off the latte till after your wax, your body won't be so 'on alert' and it will be a little easier on your nerve endings. 

Get the dead skin off BEFORE your appointment
Wax sticks to hair AND skin.  When we remove it, the dead skin comes off.  This isn't painful, but it's certainly part of the sensation.  
If you turn up with well exfoliated skin, there's less dead stuff to stick to, and the wax just comes away from the skin comfortably.  
The clients who suffer most during waxing are the ones with dry, thick skin.  
The very worst wax experiences happen when the skin is so thick and dry that hairs are literally flattened under the dead layers - we end up waxing once to remove the dead skin, twice to get the hair itself!  Your skin HATES it and it hurts so much more. 

Be hydrated. 
Get a few litres of water in every day.   We don't mean sip it.  We mean SMASH. it. in.  
Hydrated skin activates a skin enzyme that acts like a self-destruct switch up at the surface, and makes the old cells simply let go, fall off, and naturally exfoliate.  
Plus, hydrated skin gets less pink after waxing. 

Body Lotion - but only the one your waxer tells you to use please. 
Moisturise with the product we recommend.  Not because we sell it, but because it WORKS. 
Our moisturisers are completely different to what you buy at the organic store, at the supermarket, the farmers market, from your friends mum who sells stuff from a catalogue.  
Believe us, we can stock anything in the world.   
The moisturiser we recommend is made to order for us, from a blend of wild-crafted, highly potent botanicals grown organically in the Fiji Islands.  It is so rich in bio-actives that you will be able to see a change in your skin within 1 application.  
The point of it is to repair the way skin cells communicate and literally change the shape of your skins water molecules.  By doing this, skin self-cleans better, it delivers nutrients better, but most of all for your waxing comfort - the hairs become flexible and less brittle. 
They're able to be grabbed by the wax and slightly flex as they're removed, leading to less breakage, so we don't end up going over an area again and again to get them out. 

Why not regular body lotion?
Imagine you want to sell body lotion to the masses.  The best sellers feel silky, so you add ingredients to give it slip and silky feel.  These ingredient groups have a nasty side effect of stopping dead cells from naturally exfoliating.  
Great for the product companies, because now you need a scrub and - shock, horror! - they also sell one of these. 
Don't fall into this trap.  Purchase the lotion your waxer recommends.  She can source literally anything in the world and she chooses this lotion for a reason, because her reputation is based on great waxing results and clients who know she knows her stuff.  
It is free from these ingredients and will create supple, soft, sexy skin.  

Exfoliate with Pure Fiji Sugar Rub. 
Again, it's not your average body scrub.  Totally different.   Not all our guests are recommended body scrub, but if you are, this is The One.  
First, the rough cane sugar will scruff up the dead cells.  
Second, the sugar and oil blend releases Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  These seep inside your hair follicles and soften, digest and degrade the Inner Root Sheath of the hairs.  The hairs are locked in via this sheath, so softening it makes the super easy to remove with waxing.  
Do it 3 days after waxing, weekly in between, and the day before your wax.  The change will be noticeable after a single use. 

Eat before your appointment. 
Nothing hurts like low blood sugar.  Get a little hit from a piece of fruit before your appointment, even if you can't have lunch, you can always eat a mandarin and avoid those hunger pang-slash-moodkillers that make waxing much less fun. 

Lastly, don't stress. 
No matter how you turn up on the day, we will be in control of the wax.  The room will be fresh and calm, you only need to lie down and we'll take are of the rest.  Collectively our team have performed over thirty thousand brazilian waxes (yup, we have seen a lot girls!) and we love the fight the War on Hair.  
So you can relax knowing you are in very good hands. 

If you need some hair destroyed, legs smoothed, brazilian tamed... call us at Natashas Skin Spa on City Rd in Southbank Melbourne.  We are experts in all things waxing and we would love to meet you.