What can Dry Body Brushing do for your skin, really?

Have you heard your beauty therapist talk about dry body brushing?  
Has she asked you to do it? 

If not?  Baby, it's a matter of time.  You will definitely have it recommended to you at some point coming to Natashas Skin Spa, because the benefits are enormous.

Dry Body Brushing involves a natural fibre brush with you hold in the palm of your hand.  Using short strokes on a dry body, you brush from the ankles up towards your chest.  Repeat for your arms, brushing from wrists to shoulders, and include your booty and tummy too. 

Strokes should be light, short and never uncomfortable.  

The goal is to move the lymphatic fluid, located in the upper layers of our fatty tissues, and responsible for transporting away waste molecules that were deemed too big to enter the blood circulation.  

Lymph takes away much of the body's waste daily, and is a much-ignored system of our wondrous body. 

Because your lymphatic system doesn't have a heart to pump everything around, it relies on smooth muscle movement to get things going.  So if you're sitting down all day, it's very hard for it to do it's best work. 

Exercise will help with the bigger muscle movements and get your lymph moving beautifully.  
But you can start the process as soon as you wake up, with a dry body brush from top to toe. 

It feels invigorating, it improves skin hydration as it also carries some types of nutrients, and it will help in decongesting, brightening and healing skin conditions.  

It's a must-do for cellulite, heavy or swollen legs, or any condition where the body skin isn't performing to a smooth high standard.  

Dry Body Brushes are  not all created equal, and we suggest you try the Bestow Beauty Brush, which comes in a gorgeous linen bag for travelling, and has the right firmness to the bristles. 

Available in our online store or at the spa.