Change your breakfast & improve your skin by next week.

Hey gorgeous.  What did you eat for breakfast today? 
Cereal?  Toast?  Bircher?  Just coffee?  

Skin health 'starts within' and you've heard it before.  But there's a bit of a leap between 'you should eat well' and actually sitting down to eat when you're trying to get out the door. 

This is our solution to that, approved by our naturopaths and designed for busy people who want delicious food, fast. 

Go shopping:
1 bag old fashioned rolled oats
1 large tin of sliced pears and peaches
1 bag frozen berries of your choice
1 pot of natural greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
Almond milk or rice milk or oat milk

Each night before bed, take a large glass. 
Layer each of these ingredients in it like you're making a lasagne.  If you feel like spending a moment longer, grate some apple into your layers, it makes it extra sweet and delicious. 

Finish by splashing a little of your milk over the top, place a saucer on top of your glass and pop it in the fridge.  

In the morning you'll have a sweet, delicious ready-to-eat breakfast. 
Also ideal to make in a keep-cup if you're using public transport or prefer to eat at your desk. 

How it benefits you skin
Skin loves to have probiotics from yoghurt in the gut, they help you maintain a healthy gut flora which communicates with your skin flora.  
Berries provide huge value antioxidants for firming, repair, and general skin health. 

Oats are the main event here, their fibre will expand your bowel movements and make them bigger & healthier.  This is so so important.  If you have good bowel movements it means they're going to be big enough and the right firmness to wipe out the bowel wall as they exit, cleaning it properly, removing wastes that can get compacted on the wall. 

For people who don't have healthy excretion like this at the end of the digestive cycle, we expect to see skin conditions that are congestive and inflammatory. 

Try this for a week, and see how much better your skin fares in terms of hydration, decongestion and calmness. 

If you're seeking a more customised approach to eating for beautiful skin, please contact us at Natashas Skin Spa.  We are experts in creating beautiful skin, both inside and out.