Is Dermapen the answer to the universe?

While we are all seeking the holy grail of skincare products, trying everything from the supermarket 'steals' list to the high end splurges, it's rare for us to meet a new client who is so thrilled with their skin that they're never changing course again. 
Until they try Dermapen, that is. 

First of all it's helpful to explain what Dermapen IS, because without a visual, it's a little hard to grasp.

I want you to imagine quite a thick pen, the kind people write naughty things with on the walls in nightclub bathrooms. 

Now imagine it's a lot, lot cleaner than that.  

In the tip of the pen is a cartridge of needles, 12 of them to be exact.  It fits into the end of the pen and has a little disposable cap on it.  

These needles are super-fine, about the breadth of an averagely-hairy mans arm hairs.  

Now imagine your skin has been cleansed several times, wiped with medical sanitizer fluid, and it has a layer of hydrating gel serum over it. 

Your beauty therapist takes the pen, holds the tip against the skin, and glides it across the gel layer. 

The pen has a motor inside, which electronically controls the needles.  
They push in and out at an extremely high speed.  

They're going in and out so quickly that it feels more like a vibration in some parts, though in others, you will definitely feel a bit of a pinch, mostly the boney areas of nose and forehead. 

They're only penetrating to a very, very small depth, so don't think of it like an injection, because it's 100% not.  
In fact, it's only reaching a pre-set depth of either 0.25 mm, 0.5mm or 1.0 mm.  That's 1/10th of a centimetre, absolutely tiny. 

So what's the point? 

As the needles enter, they are able to break up any scarred, malformed, wrinkled skin fibres.  This releases the knots, whorls and crosslinking of collagen which can pull your skin out of shape.  

To you, these knots and crosslinked fibres look like acne scars, pink marks left behind by acne or injury, lines and wrinkles.

By breaking them down, we see some instant smoothing out, especially where acne scars and fine lines are concerned. 
So that's a great thing.  

But it's not even the best thing about Dermapen.

The very best part comes next.  As the needles touch the skin, they trigger an storm of nutrient exchange on the wall of your cell membranes.  Skin cells take up nutritious oxygen and vitamins, imbibing them faster than usual.   This equips cells with what they need to take advantage of a yet further stage of improvement...

The production of NEW. 

See, there is definitely mild trauma going on here.  Your skin itself is very very thin, no matter how healthy it is, so 1.0 mm is going to hit the very bottom layer where your skin adheres to the tissue beneath. 

Your skin THINKS that if something is coming into the skin tot that level, and breaking it as it goes, well WOW that is a deep trauma.  So it goes into repair mode, making new fibres and cells like crazy. 

But that's the trick you see.  Because the skin HAS NOT been injured to that depth.  No, it has not, as it thinks, been completely removed to that depth by a graze, or a cut, or a burn at ALL!  In fact, your skin is completely intact  everywhere that the needle didn't touch, which is MOST of the skin. 

So this response it goes into, this extreme healing mode, is unnecessary!  
There is hardly anything there to repair at all, yet the skin is repairing like nobody's business. 

And here is where the magic happens.  The skin is now fully nutrient saturated, in build and repair mode, and making brand new cells and fibres at a rate it hasn't experienced skin many years prior in it's youth. 

It will take some weeks for the effects of this new skin to be visible to you, but all of a sudden you will notice it is just BETTER.  

You will see firming, freshening, plumping, a better adhesion between the layers and a reduction in skin 'slide, that dreaded thing that happens with ageing and eventually turns into 'sag'. 

You'll see smaller pores, as the fibres which support pore walls are strengthened and revitalised, closing up the slack pores and making your skin texture more refined.  Skin looks smoother and softer, a kind of snapchat filter for real life. 

You'll see a reduction in acne within hours of the treatment, because as the needles enter the skin they allow oxygen in.  Oxygen spells instant death to acne bacteria, which cannot live in it's presence and will simply die. 

The scars associated with acne are broken down and your skin rebuilds in a better shape, returning to it's pre-acne, pre-scarred format, leaving less spaces and scar pockets for acne to hide in.

Pigmentation is broken up by the needles, important because uneven pigmentation is literally clusters of colour granules which have become stuck in the skins layers, and are often unable to get out.  If your pigment is hormonal, dermal or scar-derived, you don't have the option of using lasers or fraxel to remove it, unless you are happy to wear the very likely risk of backlash pigment formation which all heat-based treatments like laser carry.   
Dermapen involves no heat whatsoever, making it the no-brainer, go-to, low-risk option for treating dermal pigment and surface pigment alike.  

Lines and wrinkles are made less deep, because not only does Dermapen soften the hard edges of deep lines, but the resulting new growth will push up the line from the bottom, turning it inside out for a smoother facade that actually lasts. 

The best part?  Because this is YOUR OWN TISSUE being formed, and not an injection, serum or plumping mask, these are results you actually get to KEEP. 
Sure, your skin will continue to age over time, that's a given, but it will have been dragged back in time, to a healthier, more resilient state. 

This blog post could go on for years extolling the virtues of Dermapen, because we have yet to discover a skin condition or skin concern it does not greatly improve.  

However, we can't write all about Rosacea, acne, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles in one post, so suffice to say there's a good reason Dermapen is our number 1 booked treatment, and we believe from the bottom of our skin-geek hearts, that you should try it. 

You can expect pinkness for up to 12 hours afterwards, though in reality most people will be pink for a few hours at most. 

You can wear makeup to cover it if you like, so long as it's Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base, or Dermapen's own Cover Recover Foundation, both being safe for post-procedure care. 

Within a few days expect transitional dryness as your skin lets go of congested old, dead and dull layers of skin. 
This is easily managed with Dermapen's own line of hydrating sheet masks, available in-spa. 

Beyond the 5 day mark, expect a radiance you've never seen before, as if a light has gone on under your face. 

If you are considering a skin treatment that 'reallly DOES something', we invite you to transform your faith and skin heath with a custom Dermapen treatment right here on Southbank, with our team.