High Performing Skincare for Women Too Busy to Care

Skincare is a great thing right?  Spending 20 minutes in the bathroom, lathering, patting in eye cream using only your ring finger... spritzing, massaging...

Oh wait.  

Email just came through.  You haven't finished work yet.  And EOFY is coming up so you can't afford to fall behind.  Your baby just vomited on your partner.  Oh snap, you don't even have a partner anymore, the baby just vomited on herself.  

The reality of the working woman's life is totally misunderstood by the average spa therapist.  You finally get in for a facial and get treated to the passive-aggressive guilt of a facialist who wants you to do a 6 step routine twice a day.  "Because you're worth it."   Heather Locklear has a lot to answer for, ammiright girls? 

As a woman who has always worked longer hours than 8, and who values career progression, I have always been fascinated by the way beauty therapists speak to their clients about what they 'should' be doing.  
I've worked lots of places, and heard lots of 'recommendations' that sound a lot more like 'skincare-shaming' than 'helping you get awesome skin in the time you've got'. 

Which is probably about 5 minutes max.  2.31 if you have a baby. 

So here's what I suggest for women who are busy (all of you, then.)  If  you can do more, add more in, yes we can work with stepping it up.  But for now, here's what I guarantee you will work, and give you a payoff in about 3 days.  

Good luck out there ladies.  
I know you have more important things to do.  

1.  O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser.  One cleanser to rule them all.  Pump, lather, rinse.  Removes makeup, eye makeup, work sweat, baby vomit, toddler kisses and tears of disappointment.  
$52, lasts about 4 months. Pump action top, no lid to screw off. 

2.  O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum.  
Mix of hydration, anti-age peptides, anti-pollution vitamins, and some basic vitamin a-type stuff that's not really vitamin a, but your skin can turn it into vitamin A if it wants to.  
Don't overthink it.  Twist top, slap it on, morning, night and twice if you're on an airplane and need to get off and look presentable to the Singapore contingent. 
$92, lasts 10-12 weeks.  Twist up top, no lid to remove or lose. 

3.  O Cosmedics Immortal Cream. 
What it says on the box, this cream lives forever in the memory of those who've run out till they get some more of this plumping face-crack, 'cos there's nothing like it.  Light, hydrating, layer more if you're drier, use it on neck, face, eyes, between-the-boobs creasy bits, day and night.   Suits every human skin I've met.  
$102, lasts 125 applications so 60 days/2 months for most of us.  Pump action top, no lid to screw off. 

4.  Jane Iredale Dream Tint
It's light liquid foundation with moisturiser and sunblock. 
It always works.  It looks good.  It's natural enough to wear to the board room and be taken seriously.  It's heavy enough to add red lippy if you are so inclined.  The best part is you can reapply it and you're topping up your SPF, a must for summer UV levels in Australia. 
$78 and worth about 6 million. 

All of the above will work on every skin I've ever touched.  You will literally not hate any of this I promise on my reputation.  There is nobody who doesn't love this blend.  
From the oiliest acne to the driest sahara face, from the professional working 80 hours to the new Mum working 168,  this is going to work for you.   It's all carry-on approved for flying.  

Available in-spa or email your order to guestcare@natashas.com.au

O Cosmedics is not available online, thanks to skincare pirates who would immediately counterfeit it like they do everything else, making it dangerous and unreliable.  So to purchase, call or email, we offer free delivery over $100 spend.