We regret we cannot cater for children in the spa & ask that you make other arrangements for their care during your appointment.  Our team are unable to care for children during your appointment, as they have allocated tasks to do at all times. 

If you need to bring older children with you, please check when you book to make sure the waiting lounge is free for them to relax in, as it is sometimes booked with makeup services & we want them to feel relaxed while you are treated. 


Come ten minutes early to relax with herbal tea & complete your guest intake form.  

Late Arrival

To ensure the next guest isn't inconvenienced, late arrivals will have their treatment reduced so it ends on time.  The treatment fee remains unchanged.  

If you arrive so late that your therapist can't perform the treatment to a high standard, you'll be asked to reschedule and pay another Reservation Fee.  

If you think you might arrive late, call ahead so we can work appointment book magic where possible, but please be aware we are a popular salon and we cannot routinely start treatments late.  



For spray tans wear loose dark clothing, that doesn't rub & ideally lets you go home without a bra on.  Slip on shoes are a must after a tan. 

For massage bring something warm & snuggly to wear home to keep those newly-melted muscles warm & cosy. 

For everything else, come as you are and look forward to feeling beautiful by the time you get dressed again!

Prepaid Series

When you prepay a series of treatments, they're to be performed in a certain time frame, specific to each series and stated at the time of sale. 
This ensures you get the results promised (and we get the kudos for making you look amazing!)

If you need to cancel a treatment that was part of a prepaid series, the same rules apply as any other treatment: 48 hours notice, or you lose your deposit.  In this case there is no 'deposit' paid per treatment, so that one of your series is forfeited.  You could still send someone in your place to use your series if you prefer. 

Series carry a heavy discount, so they're not refundable and not able to be swapped out for other treatments.  If you want to have something different on the day, that's usually fine, but you'll need to pay for it separately.  

Series can't be shared between people, but if you can't come, you can avoid forfeiting the deposit by sending someone else in your place to use your treatment.  

Devices in the spa

Please power-down on arrival & leave your phone in your bag.  
If you'd like to take a selfie, just ask your therapist & she will tell you when it's okay.  

Guarantee of Work

We guarantee you will see skin health changes when you take our advice to the letters and do not dilute it.
We cannot guarantee what will happen if you mix our advice with others, only take part of our advice, or mix our skincare recommendations with products purchased at other locations.
Entrust your skin to us and look forward to glowing results.

Reservation Policy

A 50% deposit secures your reservation here.  This goes towards your treatment on the day & is transferable to another time with 48 hours notice of any changes or cancellations, to all or part of your booked treatments. Less notice forfeits the deposit. Deposits are not refundable.

Courtesy Reminder SMS

We will send you a reminder SMS 1-2 days prior to your reservation.  Please reply 'yes' to ensure your time is held.  If you don't reply, we might think you're not coming & release the time to our waiting list.   If you need to cancel you must call the spa or email us to ensure you don’t lose your deposit.

Repeat late cancellation

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, more than twice in a year, we will need full prepayment to make another reservation.  


Gift Vouchers

If you received a voucher for a treatment but you'd rather have something else, that's okay!   Just ask us when you book in.  You can exchange for the same dollar value, unless the voucher says otherwise.    
Vouchers expire after 12 months, unless otherwise stated on the voucher eg. some promotional vouchers have a shorter expiry if they were free with a purchase.  

 Group Bookings

When you book for 2 or more people, the reservation policy applies individually to every person in that group. If any one person wants to cancel, they need to do so with 48 hours notice in order for their reservation deposit to be refunded. Less notice forfeits the deposit for that persons portion of the booking.


Street parking is available for $4 per hour at the door.

Product Returns

It’s part of our commitment to you that every product you purchase here has been stored safely and comes directly from an authorised manufacturer.
For this reason we don’t accept returns if you change your mind even if you haven’t opened it yet.
We will consider returns of skincare in the case of a medical allergy which has been confirmed by one of our skincare team. This needs to happen as soon as possible for us to consider a return. We reserve the right to exchange the product for a more suitable one. If you think this has happened, book yourself a Skin Consultation and we will assess your skin at no charge. It’s critical for your future skin health that any allergic response is witnessed by a skin expert, and the allergen identified so you can safely avoid it in future. Each exposure to an allergen results in a worse allergic response than the time before, so this is our commitment to your skin.


Delivery is $9 anywhere in an Australian Metropolitan area. We aim to have product delivered in a timely manner but due to the variations in courier and postal services do not guarantee delivery times.

Overseas delivery costs are calculated per delivery.