Ulfit™ Lift

 Lifting your face without surgery is a lofty goal. 

Ulfit™ holds TGA approval for safe, non-surgical lifting of the SMAS layer.
The same layer lifted in a deep plane facelift, the SMAS wraps your muscles to innervate your fascia.  

In laymans terms? Your muscles are wrapped with something Ulfit tightens.
It then tightens the dermis (deep skin) and epidermis (skin).
Ulfit is not for skin.  It lifts deeper than that. 

You can expect tighter facial contours along the neck, brow, jawline & cheek.
Smoothing of fine lines around the mouth & eyes. 
And a lifted, definitively younger appearance.


Ulfit™ Double Chin 

Double Chin Fat Pad 30 min $600
Double Chin as an upgrade 15 min $200

Ulfit™ Lift

forehead 45 min $400
around mouth 45 min  $400
around eyes 45 min  $400
cheeks / lower face 45 min  $1100
decollete 45 min  $400
neck 45 min $400
face includes jawline, cheeks, around mouth, around eyes, forehead
60 min  $2300

Ulfit™ most popular combinations

 face & neck 60 min $2700
face & neck & decollete 60 min  $3100
face & neck & decollete & double chin fat 75 min $3300
face & neck & double chin fat 75 min $2900