Laser Hair Removal


Elos™ Laser Hair Removal is a modern,long-term solution to be hair free.  

Our laser combines RF with diode laser for better results on all skin colours.   Your laser therapist is qualified & experienced with ongoing laser education.  Highly effective laser will give you amazing results - and let you throw out your razor forever.


Laser Consultation

Receive a test patch & personalised laser treatment plan.  

20 min / $10 booking fee redeemable on treatments booked


Laser Hair Removal Prices

Book a single session, or prepay a series of 5 to be rewarded with a bonus 6th session free.

You’ll get amazing results, personalised service & best of all - smooth body!

1 session Package
of 6
 Lip or Chin $40 $175 $29
Face $65 $325 $54
Front of Neck $50 $250 $42
Back of Neck $50 $250 $42
Face & Front of Neck $75 $375 $63
Underarms $40 $200 $33
Half arms $90 $450 $75
Full arms  $130 $650 $108
Chest $130 $650 $108
Stomach $70 $350 $58
Chest & stomach $195 $975 $162.50
Back  $195 $975 $162.50
Shoulders $70 $350 $58
Back & Shoulders $230 $1150 $192
Bikini  $40 $200 $34
G-string $50 $250 $42
Brazilian $75 $375 $62.50
Buttocks  $90 $450 $75
Half Legs  $180 $900 $150
Full Legs $290 $1450 $242
10cm patches added to another area 
 (not available on it’s own)


$100 $17


Laser Hair Removal multi-area packages

1 session Package of 6 Package Price Each
 Half Legs, Brazilian & Underarms
normal value $295
$220 save $75 $1100 $183

Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms
normal value $405

$350 save $55

$1750 $292

Full Legs, Buttocks & Brazilian
normal value $455

$350 save $95 $1750 $292
Mens Full Body includes full legs, buttocks, chest & stomach, back & shoulders, full arms, underarms.  Does not include face or brazilian.  Face may be booked separately, we  do not offer Brazilian laser for men.  $900 save $75 $4500 $750



To qualify for laser, you’ll need to purchase MediSoothe gel at your consultation. It is $14 for a small bottle and $59 for a large one. This is not negotiable in our spa, for your safety.


Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal 

Can I have laser?  
To have laser you need to have a skin colour between 'milk' and 'a cup of warm cocoa.'  Any darker and laser isn't the best for you. 

Does medication affect laser? 
There are some medications that rule out laser: mostly the kind make you light sensitive.
The best way to find out is to book a consultation.

Can I have laser if I have blonde hair? 
Actually yes.  You may not get the same results as people with darker hair, but you will know after a few treatments if it's for you.  While laser alone won't remove blonde hair, our Syneron Candela equipment combines laser with a second type of energy called radio frequency, so we're not relying on colour alone like older lasers do.  Results may not be quite as good as with darker hair, but it does give some reduction that is worthwhile. 

Will it hurt?
No.  Older lasers hurt.  IPL's definitely hurt.  Our modern glide-action laser technology sends the laser out at a lower energy, multiple times in a second.   This makes it supremely comfortable, more so than a wax.  The feedback we get is 'oh my gosh, are you done already?!' to 'it feels like a rubber band flicking lightly'
If you are having treatments elsewhere and finding them painful, come for a free test patch to see what we mean. 

How many treatments will I need? 
Between 6 and 10.  The most common is 6 for body, 8 for face, and some people need a few more. 

How often should I have laser hair removal?
Every 4 weeks until you see some good clearance.  Then you can space them out, usually at number 6 onwards you can go every 2-3 months. 

What if I miss an appointment? 
 It's ideal to stick to the treatment plan your therapist suggests, but if your schedule or budget means you miss one, it's not the end of the world.   Just book in again as soon as possible.  Your results won't go backwards so long as you get back on track asap.  

What will it look like afterwards? 
Your skin might be slightly pink, and it might have little bumps around the hair follicles.  This will be minor & will go away within a day or so.  Most of our clients find it goes after a few hours.

Can I go in the sun?
We can't laser ares that have active tan, fake or real.  Keep direct sun off the area for a whole week afterwards.  Use SPF daily on the area you're having treated.   

Why is sun a problem with Laser?
Laser is light energy.  Sun is also light energy.  Putting the two together is like double sun.  It can cause skin to age faster, burn easier, and respond strongly to laser.

How do I look after my skin after laser hair removal?
Your skin surface is still intact after laser, but the invisible immune layer made up of skin oil & sweat, has been changed.  Help it out by putting on our Medi-Soothe Gel after each shower, for at least 3 days.  If you feel like it, you can apply it every few hours to soothe the skin.  

What is in Medi-Soothe Gel?
A combination of hydrators and anti-bacterials to protect skin while it rebalances: Symglucan, Symrelief, Vitamins A, E, F & H, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Linoleum Acid, Biotin, Floraesters, Aloe Vera, Calendula.  Definitely not your average aloe gel, and far superior to standard aloe vera that many people have at home.  

I love my Medi-Soothe gel.  Can I use it on the kids?

Yes, it's perfect for bites, scratches, sunburn and any skin irritation.  It also makes an excellent hydrating face mask.  

Can I have laser hair removal if I am pregnant? 
Like wine, stinky cheeses and many of life's pleasures, the answer is 'sadly, not right now babe.' 
Because pregnancy hormones can stimulate skin colour hormones, there's a teeny worst-case-scenario-chance that laser can leave behind dark marks in pregnant ladies.  We have never seen it, but it's always best to be conservative with laser & pregnancy.  Wait till you've finished breastfeeding before booking your next laser hair removal.  

What if I accidentally have laser hair removal because I didn't know I was pregnant? 
Don't worry.  The 'don't have laser while pregnant' thing is a precaution only.  It's more so that if something went wrong, you would never question yourself.  There is literally no evidence that it can hurt your baby.  The only thing we would say is that if you are actively trying to get pregnant, don't have any laser hair removal on your face as the skin there is more sensitive to colour change when pregnancy hormones are about.  
If you happen to have a laser hair removal treatment on your body, and then found out you were pregnant, we daresay you'd be glad to have got a treatment in before the hair goes wild with pregnancy! 

Will my results stay the same if I get pregnant? 
Like everything else during pregnancy - probably not!
If you have already had a full course of laser hair removal, the results will probably stick.  
If you're half way through a course, some hair may come back. It would be unlikely to be all of though.
This is one of the reasons why we believe in fairer pricing for laser - so you can afford touchups after each baby.  

Can laser cause cancer? 
Absolutely not.  It also can't go any deeper in your body than 1600 nanometers.  That's 1/1600th of a metre.  Tiny.  Lasers are chosen for their precision - to get to a specific, exact location and nowhere else.  

Are there side effects to laser hair removal? 
Laser has benefits and it can have risks.   Laser is light energy being converted to heat energy in the skin.  So the risks associated with laser are the same ones associated with heat.  Naturally we make sure each person who has laser with us goes through a safety check.  

Is laser safe?
When performed by a trained expert, with modern equipment, absolutely.  Thousands of laser treatments are performed in Melbourne every day.  
The risks in laser come when inexperienced operators match the wrong client with the wrong equipment, or aren't conservative enough in their delivery.  

Are your team qualified?
Our team are skincare aficionados with years of experience.   They hold diplomas in beauty therapy and are experienced in all beauty and laser treatments. 

Will I need a test patch?
Yes, it's a must.  It takes 5 minutes to ensure your future laser treatments are safe and effective.  There's no charge for a test patch. 



Should have done it years ago.

“I was waxing for over twenty years.  Now, when I think of all the  money I wasted waxing, I should have done it years ago.”

— Cathy W.

Loved bikini, ready for legs!

“This summer it was so good to put on my swimmers without even thinking.  My bikini is all done now, I'm ready to start on the legs!”

— Leanne L.

It was so fast.

“I was initially thinking the appointments were going to be a hassle.  My waxing used to take at least an hour.  My lasers took 30 minutes & I got a big reduction after the first visit.”

— Jenny D.

Before & After Laser Hair Removal