Dermapen™ Body

Derma Pen is our most-booked skin treatment.  
It's a little pen filled with disposable micro-fine needles.  Passed over the skin it breaks up scarring and all types of damage, so your body naturally takes it away.  It then makes hundreds of times more firming fibres, which your skin uses to build better structures - less stretchmarks, firmer with less lines, thicker collagen pad to hide uneven skin tone.  

Derma Pen Body  
Smoothes out scars & stretchmarks with surprisingly good results.  
45 min $299 per A4 sized area
add to your dermapen face or scalp for $100   

Derma Pen Scalp
For thicker, revitalised hair.  Dermapen strengthens the blood supply to your scalp & therefore improves hair growth. 
45 min $299
add to your dermapen body for $100

Derma Pen Underarm or Bikini Lightening 
Brighten up areas darkened by friction and age.  Perfect for darker skin tones. 
45 min $199

Sublime™ Skin Tightening Body

Skin tightening for the body, ideal after weight loss, from aging, and to restore skin traumatized by pregnancy, surgery or time. 
Is not a treatment for the fat, does not cause weight loss, this is for the skin itself where you see 'glide' or the skin no longer adhering to the tissue beneath.  Sublime lifts what is there, and causes the growth of more new collagen firming fibre.  A miracle for revitalising body skin.  

A technology treatment by Syneron Candela.  No downtime. 

Upper arms $449
Abdomen $449
Knees $449

Sublative™ Revision Body

In the beginning your body fibres are a nicely woven cloth.  Stretchmarks are rips in the fabric, which the body darns closed with knotted, misshapen fibres.  You can feel that when you run your finger over them.   Scars are the same, and aged skin is a general breakdown in the fabrics quality.

To fix them Sublative reaches in and spreads out.   Your stretchmarks will be smoothed and some marks will come closer together. 
Sublative reduces scars & stretchmarks in 1-3 treatments. 

For general body ageing, Sublative revitalises the collagen network for a firmer more adhered skin.  Beautiful results for the top of the bust, inner thigh, upper arms, or tummy after weight loss or pregnancy.   There is a week of recovery where the skin will be comfortable but marked.   

By area:  Abdominal $950 | Thighs $950 | Buttocks $950  |  Bust $950

By size:  50cm2 $500  |  100cm2 $550  |  150cm2 $600  |  200cm2 $750


The treatment was first rate.

“One could not have asked for better care and outstanding service. I felt wonderfully refreshed and fit after the completion of the treatment today.”

— Shirley T.

They listen to your questions.

“I love the service and the prices are competitive. I also don't feel pressured into buying everything all of the time, as I have in the past from other skin spas. The rooms are lovely and quiet and they really take wonderful care of their clients. Another big thing for me is that they listen to your questions and needs and react accordingly. An absolute 10 out of 10.”

— Nicole A.

Best facials on the planet.

“Wonderful experience as always. Friendly, professional, warm people performing the best facials on the planet.”

— Gayle H.

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