They're unsightly, but did you realise acne scars pose a risk of acne recurrence?
Scar tissue is your bodies way of forming firewalls in the skin to isolate acne infection.  The infection rips through the healthy tissue, and you make a scar to isolate it, then another scar to heal the rip.   This pulls your skin surface out of shape.  It can be a cruel pill to swallow that after suffering acne, you now have to live with the scars.  

If your acne is now under control, you may think treatment is finished.  However, you may have a network of scars under your skin, with spaces between them like little tunnels. 
Because the walls of these tunnels continue to exfoliate into those spaces, leaving them there poses a high risk of future recurrence of acne.  Those with acne know well that when you have a backlash, it's in the same places.  

We recommend persisting with acne treatment right through to the full resolution of scarring, as far as you can go.  You may be glad of this when you reach menopause, pregnancy or other hormonal changes in life, when acne recurrence is common.  
We perform scar revising treatments to restore an even coloured skin, a firm smooth surface, and a healthier tissue overall.  

Dermapen is useful in active acne, but it becomes a saviour in scar revision.  A pen filled with micro-needles is used to break up scarred, knotted tissue.  Some types of knotted, superficial scars will release on the spot and we have seen people cry when they see their skin for the first time after a treatment. 
Other types of scar will take longer to break down, and some types require higher grades of treatment (see below). 
If you have red marks, this indicates a thinned, damaged area of skin.  The redness is your blood flow seen through this thin area.  By increasing new collagen formation we can thicken this area and hide the blood flow from view, giving a more even toned skin.  
Performed in a series of 10-12 treatments, we keep the skin in a constant state of healing, revision and collagen formation.   Unlike lasers which carry a risk of hyper-pigment on darker skin, Dermapen does not involve the creation of heat, therefore is suitable for all skin colours from very pale to black.  This makes it a gold standard in acne scar revision.  Skin will be pink for up to 24 hours after treatment.  Jane Iredale PurePressed Base may be applied to camouflage the pinkness.  
30 min $299

Sublative RF Scar Revision
Rolling scars, box car scars and more extensive scarring is treated with Sublative by Syneron Candela. 
Entering via tiny points across the tissue, Sublative energy reaches down, then spreads out.  This allows us to spread out knotted scar fibres, smoothing more complex scars.  The surface remains intact except at the points of entry.  These points will form tiny scabs over the coming week, and will fall off 7-10 days later. 
You will definitely be able to tell a treatment has been performed, skin will feel warm, look red, and appear to have a hash formation on it for up to a week.  
Half face $350  Full face $499  other areas available

Recommended Skincare Options:
The goal of your skincare at this point is to trigger the growth of new fibres, specifically collagen and elastin structural fibres, whilst keeping skin protected from pollution and UV. 
The skincare we recommend will be customised to you, packed with anti-oxidants, anti-glycators, peptides, retinol and vitamins. 

O Cosmedics: Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser, Pure Age Defiance Serum, Immortal Cream, Rebalancing Cream, Comfort Cream, Mineral Pro SPF30+
DP Dermaceuticals by Dermapen: Tri Phase Cleanser, Microderm Exfoliant, Antioxidant Cocktail, Hyla Activ, Retinal Activ Cream
Emergin C: Triple Threat Peel, Vitamin C+Retinol Mask, Vitamin C 20% Serum
DNC: Home Roller 0.25mm
Bestow Beauty Foods: Beauty Plus+ Oil, Beauty Powder, Be Cleansed Powder
Jane Iredale: Smooth Affair Primer, Pure Pressed Base,